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Kevin Gilbert & Nina Wolfgang

One Purpose: Repair

Two Routes: Knowledge & Action

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Kevin Gilbert

Nina Wolfgang

Design Managers, Writers, Collaborators


Nina holds a Degree in Art History from University of Pennsylvania and is passionate about identifying simple solutions to the most complex problems. effective teams, and leveraging her world perspective to create a vibration of healing and tolerance throughout the world.

Kevin currently manages several websites regarding healing. Kevin and Nina also operate a thriving re-sale business online of collectible treasures. Kevin has previously managed many independent businesses over the years either building things, driving people around, re-selling useful merchandise or creative writing.

Kevin and Nina became a couple in 1985 and have become an unstoppable team. Not wasting any opportunity through the years to identify problems, injustices, mis-directions and noise. And what does it all mean to all of us and to Kevin and Nina?

Both are originally from Philadelphia, Pa Metropolitan Area. Many of their personal experiences occurred in or around that city since they came to Earth circa 1960.


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Teaching the Power of Words Recognizing Sounds & Vibrations Daily Blog Articles

Ride Thera
Our first website Thera also spells Earth and Heart and Aethr Thira was a satellite of Atlantis in Greek Ancient Times Thera also means ‘wave

Thera also Means “TH ought Era