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the astral realm
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Death Dying Die

This final biblical vision of heaven is a lot like the garden of Eden – complete with the Tree of Life, rivers, plants, and God – although this time it is also an urban, multicultural city. In what is essentially a return to Eden, humans are reconciled with God and, of course, with one another. 

The numbers on the opposite sides always add up to seven; otherwise there is no uniformity to their arrangement. Sense of “engraved stamping block or tool used for stamping a softer material” is from 1690s. Q – Is this? All relating to the Human “Sequencing Loop Prison’.

Do Us Stars go to Heaven

We believe here that Heaven is reachable through our own Heart Actions. In backstories, the explanations run far and wide. There is an assembly of modern review on where is heaven, here. Below an excerpt.

Most of us have some concept of heaven , even if it is one formed by movies like What Dreams May Come, The Lovely Bones, or think it involves meeting Morgan Freeman in a white room. And while not as complicated as biblical ideas about hell, the biblical concept of heaven is not particularly simple either.
As New Testament scholar Paula Gooder writes:

“it is impossible to state categorically what the Bible as a whole says about heaven… Biblical beliefs about heaven are varied, complex and fluid.”

Etumos & Eostre

We now know that the Maya developed a number of highly advanced sciences, highlighted by their spectacular knowledge of astronomy; they were skilled engineers, and had a mathematics which could calculate dates billions of years in the past and far into the future. It’s estimated that when Friar Diego de Landa discovered texts in buildings and in use by the surviving people, he burned them, and destroyed libraries, technical manuals and the history of one of the most advanced cultures on our planet, leaving us wondering at the history of the Maya.

Heart Word Magic 4 Stars – You

As we learn the terms, know this, the language has many lanes, all are marked love, fear or both.

“Every word carries a secret inside itself; it’s called etymology. It is the DNA of a word.”

 — Mary Ruefle, Madness, Rack & Honey 

“Etymology” derives from the Greek word etumos, meaning “true.” The practice of etymology is uncovering the truth by tracing the root of a word. If you’re interested in your history and personal powers. Like being a linguistic code cracker. 

The English language is to unify or divide, for fear or love. It is designed for ‘players’. Never is this more blatantly obvious than when we trace the origins of words with the intention of ‘getting to the bottom of it!’.

Greek – Tragedy

  • apparently literally “goat song,” from tragos “goat, buck” + ōidē “song” (see ode), probably on model of rhapsodos (see rhapsody).
  • Are we a scapegoat or are we GOAT ‘greatest of all time’?

The connection of tragedy to goats, in general, is accepted. Literal translation “goat song”. Tragedy as we know it has its roots in ancient Greece, where it’s thought people dressed as goats and satyrs in plays. There are other theories surrounding goat sacrifices. Either way, why were goats involved at all?

Astral Realm

There have also been numerous CIA investigations into the astral world. One of the main CIA documents about the astral realm is the Gateway Process. In short, the CIA believes that the astral realm is very real. More reading here. Generally speaking per the previous link:

  • The lower Astral planes
  • The middle astral planes
  • The higher astral planes
  • Go there – Wake up during the night a few hours into your sleep
  • Go back to sleep and be completely still but don’t let your mind fall asleep
  • Your body will become paralyzed but your mind will be awake
  • Roll out of the bed with your mind
  • Congratulations, you’re now in the astral world, you can open your eyes with your mind

We live within the Earth magical field, each of us, finely tuned crystal beings that match the ‘Earth Game’ realm. We are, as astral beings, but perceive our physicality only for he most part. This is the view of theosophists and deep thinkers. Also those who explore their ‘tue Nature’, purpose and immortality. You are an astral being:

  1. Of, relating to, emanating from, or resembling the stars.
  2. Of, relating to, or shaped like the mitotic aster; star-shaped.
  3. Of or relating to a supersensible body believed by theosophists to coexist with and survive the death of the human physical body.

Astral comes from Star and Ster. Originally, Greek stereos “solid,” sterizein “to support,” This makes ‘Monster’ – “my super sensible self”.

Astral: Meaning “pertaining to supersensible substances” is from 1690s, popularized late 19c. in Theosophy.

The definition for the astral plane, also known as the astral world or astral realm, is a plane of existence dimensionally higher than our normal 3 dimensional physical world

Our astral world has different levels to it. Like a layer cake or a blend, multiple astral planes. More than one world.

Easter or EA Star

According to Luke’s version of the crucifixion, Jesus converses with the men on either side of him while waiting to die and promises the man on a neighboring cross “today you will be with me in paradise”. At the end of the Bible: … an affirmation of all that is created, material, and earthly but now healed and renewed.

….. the Ancient Saxons held a feast day for their version of the fertility goddess, Eostre, on the full moon following the Vernal Equinox.

Regardless of the very ancient origins of the symbol of the (easter/eostre) egg, most people agree that nothing symbolizes renewal more perfectly than the egg – round, endless, and full of the promise of life.

While many of the pagan customs associated with the celebration of Spring were at one stage practiced alongside Christian Easter traditions, they eventually came to be absorbed within Christianity, as symbols of the resurrection of Jesus. The First Council of Nicaea (325 AD) established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon) following the March equinox .

Most analyses of the origin of the word ‘Easter’ agree that it was named after Eostre, an ancient word meaning ‘spring’, though many European languages use one form or another of the Latin name for Easter, Pascha, which is derived from the Hebrew Pesach, meaning Passover.

One theory that has been put forward is that the Easter story of crucifixion and resurrection is symbolic of rebirth and renewal and retells the cycle of the seasons, the death and return of the sun.

Sumeria: When Tammuz dies, Ishtar is grief–stricken and follows him to the underworld. In the underworld, she enters through seven gates, and her worldly attire is removed. “Naked and bowed low” she is judged, killed, and then hung on display. Read all about it here.

The Easter story, goes way back. The Sumerian goddess Inanna is known outside of Mesopotamia by her Babylonian name, “Ishtar”. In ancient Canaan Ishtar is known as Astarte, and her counterparts in the Greek and Roman pantheons are known as Aphrodite and Venus. In the 4th Century, when Christians identified the exact site in Jerusalem where the empty tomb of Jesus had been located, they selected the spot where a temple of Aphrodite (Astarte/Ishtar/Inanna) stood. The temple was torn down and so the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built, the holiest church in the Christian world.

The story of Inanna and Damuzi is just one of a number of accounts of dying and rising gods that represent the cycle of the seasons and the stars. For example, the resurrection of Egyptian Horus; the story of Mithras, who was worshipped at Springtime; and the tale of Dionysus, resurrected by his grandmother. Among these stories are prevailing themes of fertility, conception, renewal, descent into darkness, and the triumph of light over darkness or good over evil.

STAR in other Cultures

Astrology – Originally identical with astronomy and including scientific observation and description. The special sense of “astronomy applied to prediction of events” was divided into natural astrology “the calculation and foretelling of natural phenomenon” (tides, eclipses, dates of Church festivals, etc.), and judicial astrology “the art of judging occult influences of stars and planets on human affairs.”

star , pl. stars , stars , Ukrainian star , other Russian. star , senior glory *stars ἀστήρ, φωστήρ (Supr. and others; see Diels, Aksl. Gr. 135), Bolg. star, Serbohorv. stars, Slovenian. zvezda, Czech. hvezda, slvts. hviezda, Polish. gwiazda, v.-puddle. hwězda, n. gwEzda. || Praslav. *gvězda related to lit. žvaigzdė̃, žvaigždė̃, dial. žvaizdė̃, ltsh. zvàigzne “star”, other Prussian. svaigstan wines. units “shine, light, brilliance”

It forms all or part of: asterasteriskasterismasteroidastralastro-astrobiologyastroblemeastrognosyastroidastrolabeastrolatryastrologyastromancyastronautastronomyAstroTurfconstellationdisasterEstellaEstherinstellationinterstellarlodestarstarstarduststarfishstarletstarlightstarrystellarstellate.

What is Science – it comes from ‘nice’

  • from Latin nescius “ignorant, unaware,” literally “not-knowing,”
  • from ne- “not” (from PIE root *ne- “not”) + stem of scire “to know” (see science). 
  • “The sense development has been extraordinary, even for an adj.” [Weekley] — from “timid, faint-hearted” (pre-1300); to “fussy, fastidious” (late 14c.); to “dainty, delicate” (c. 1400); to “precise, careful” (1500s, preserved in such terms as a nice distinction and nice and early); to “agreeable, delightful” (1769); to “kind, thoughtful” (1830).

Indigo – what does it mean

Indigo is the dark blue dye collected from the indigo plant and it is also the color between blue and violet in the rainbow “the deepest indigo of the horizon.”

Newton’s Mystical Theory of Color Indigo: Read more here

The seventh child, is the Indigo.

It was the theory given by Isaac Newton who discovered that there must be seven (not six) colors. When he was experimenting with prisms and found about the color indigo which has converted into the modern theory of opticks. 

In 1655, when Newton was sent home from school at Cambridge during the bubonic disease and started testing with his prisms. He examined how light moved through the prisms at various angles and produced several colors. And those seven colors that he referred would become the colors of the spectrum or rainbow. 

Newton, during his experiments, had found that light survives in various kinds of wavelengths. The light human’s eye can notice are the wavelengths from the visible light spectrum, and arise from the sun. Newton concluded that even though you only observed white light from the sun, since other colors were already in the world, other colors of light must be as well. By refracting sunlight into a prism, he was able to continue his belief. The prism split the sunlight into its seven shorter wavelengths, enabling us to observe the seven colors that blend to produce white light. From these seven colors came the visible color spectrum and modern rainbow. These experiments are well defined in Newton’s book called Opticks

Indigo, a color exact between blue and violet, is so close to both colors that it is often never identified as indigo. As a consequence, many assume that indigo was never worthy to be its own color. It is a general view that indigo is preferably a variety of blue or violet, and should stay in any of those categories.

Sum Gaia

Below mirrored from Gaia, to get you started on Indigo searching:

Not everyone born of this generation carries this new blueprint. The early few were known as “scouts,” testing out the climate to see if more souls could be ushered in. Nor should we assume being an Indigo is something to be idealized. Far from it! Beyond the responsibility such a distinction will carry, we have also witnessed the drive of the Indigos to be paralyzing at times.

Indigo children are destined to make changes, to challenge society, and to be loud in what they see as the flaws in the system. When this mission is complete, they have to shift life purpose quite drastically. Those who are thrown off their life path early, that is to say, their push for progress is thwarted or forgotten, often turn in on themselves.

Of the most blessed attributes of the Indigo Children is their integrity. They carry it within and can sense when others are dishonest. They may not always see this as a gift, for the world can be corrupt and indifferent. However, they carry a deep knowing they are “right” even though, if pressed, they may not be able to explain their assuredness.

Crystal children, Rainbow children, and Star children are all different manifestations or variations of Indigos. Crystal children are believed to be the offspring of Indigos, while a Starseed is the overarching term for a soul from another part of the universe who has been incarnated here on Earth. For more information on the various types of Starseeds check out this comprehensive article.

If you wonder if you might be of this distinct soul lineage, here are a few personality traits that may feel familiar.

1. You Feel Spiritually Awakened

You were born to be a lightworker and have felt from a young age that you’re tapped into something spiritually greater than most people are.

2. You Are Destined to Be Here

You are confident and even arrogant at times – and emboldened by something larger than you can name. You know that you were put on this planet for a reason and that reason is to enact positive change. You know that those who are native to this planet are growing and ascending and need help in their transformation.

3. You Have High Expectations of Yourself and Others

This can make for challenging relationships and interactions. You see only the best and expect others to live up to it. Toward yourself, you can be unrelentingly self-critical. Don’t let this get the best of you, instead use it to your advantage to push yourself and others, but also know that others may not be as motivated.

4. You Have a Strong Intuition

Indigos see the world differently. Coupled with innate-self assurance, you often think your way is right and are offended if others cannot see, much less take action, from your point of view. If Indigos ruled the world, you are confident no problems would exist.

5. You Question Authority

You are not one to negotiate, so certain in your views and ways, you are often rebellious and a skeptic of those in power. This can occasionally get you in trouble, so know how to get into the good and noble types of trouble.

6. You Want to Overturn the Man

Difficult and rigid systems seem foolish to you and you often become antagonistic to what others experience as normal. These systems may also seem antiquated compared to those you know and believe are much more effective. Have patience and know that these massive systems that need changing are like giant ships that can’t always turn on a dime.

7. You are Creative

Musically and artistically gifted, your art invites others to see the world around through your eyes. Nurture this ability, 

8. You are a Change Maker

You’re so aware of the failings of society which, in turn, makes you a magnificent leader. You’re always finding new and better methods of business, society, and ways of existing within the chaos of a society that is growing and evolving. 

9. You are a Lost Soul

You feel out of place with others as you recognize you are different than most people. You can tend toward being a loner or rebel, unwilling to compromise just to fit in.

10. You are Headstrong

As the Indigo soul mission is encoded in your very being, you know your self-worth, you are unwilling to back down from confronting what feels out of integrity.

11. You are Passionate and Focused

While fiery temperaments may be hard to take, you are not one to be still or silenced. These two traits should and do balance each other, as too much unchecked passion can lead to negative outcomes. Nurture these traits and use them in conjunction with each other.

12. You Have Psychic Abilities

Without any need for development, your psychic capacity (clairvoyance, empath, telepathy) is finely tuned. While you see nothing special in your ability, it gives you an advantage in reading others with ease and seeing through masks. 

13. You are Frustrated

Coupled with their big-picture vision and restless soul drive for change, you become easily frustrated with society and others who are not shifting quickly enough. Patience is something that should be developed.

Angels – Crystal Beings

Our Earth and Astral Realm world is many layered and carries extensive bloodlines and energetic lines. We are the Prize, the Reason and the Law. Is that obvious yet?

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the astral realm

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