Come everyday and do something from this menu.

Starters & Finishers

Clean Your Body of Poisons – Identify them and remove
Follow these basics to insure nutrients get to your Blood with the most ease and effectiveness

Ways to Get Quiet in your Mind
A resource of intel from the Ancients to Modern Science. Reducing the noise allows the Mind and Body to receive Quiet Subtle Answers

Ways to Listen to Yourself and Others ro Insure your Lists are Achievable
Big decisions require quiet and great lists always can and do get done!

List your words, sounds and phrases that you say/write or hear/see. The power of sounds and words are much greater than any man-made thing or idea.

Ways to Find Strenuous Exercise that fits your schedule
Once you are detoxing your body and quieting your Mind, the next step is to increase your strength and stamina.

The benefits of meaningful Rest and Never getting too excited.
We need time off in the dark to prepare our Being for the next day in the Light. When we get overly happy or sad it leads to a cycle that repeats.

Recognize who and what you are. Use your knowledge and skills to find the Appreciation and Humility you need to evolve.

Pair up and Make New Pairs. Be an example with deeds, actions and considerate words and watch the magic happen.

Get involved. Take Action. Learn ways to start small groups or join existing ones to share stories and ways to improve the message and delivery of it.

Always building and evolving. One builds on the one before