Child Answer Eleven

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  • How can I tap into these inner senses

What are your inner senses

Think of all the times you recalled something and you could see feel touch smell and taste all the different parts of that event. Think of all the Super realistic dreams you had where you knew that you were there and could touch taste hear smell and see everything. Think of all the times you daydreamed and you thought you were there in person.

Recall your external senses

And those are just your recall of your external senses. Your internal senses are similar except you’ll be basing them on an inner calling instead of the things that reach you from the outside world. We are all familiar with hunches and circumstance and long distance communication without wires or phones.

Your inner senses speak to you when you are making a decision about right or wrong. When you are deciding whether to walk past or look past or think past someone in suffering, you have been listening to your inner senses. Then you do know that they exist. If you have been ignoring your inner senses you may have convinced yourself they do not exist.

You have been listening to your inner senses

From one of our heroes:

The excellent disciple who lives with the Guru should withdraw within his body after getting the rain drops of Grace and keep himself attached to the Guru’s heart like the oyster which will go down to the bed of the sea and attach itself to a rock till the pearls mature.

The pearl of Grace will mature in him in the same way as the pearls will mature in the oyster.

If he does not do so, if he develops in the world as one who is subject to the influence of the senses, the senses will consume him in the same way as the mother cobra eats up the young cobras when they hatch from the eggs she laid. You should reflect on this and understand it well.

So said His Holiness Guru Bawa to his disciple Thambaiah.

At 7:15 P.M. on 4/21/70

So according to the Sufi, we should lose our attraction to the five senses if we want to progress and evolve.

This exchange happened recently: September 2

How soon do you believe we will be able to answer the question of whether we are alone in the universe?

A Lone. Soon. To be repaid. And paid.

There are more than 18,000 universes, each contains the amount of parts you can identify inside one Human. That is what we can see with external senses. With internal senses we can ‘see’ the rest of the Intel on the One Universe and the view of ourselves as walking Beings of more than 18,000 Universes.

Internal senses can be re-remembered by cleaning your blood, caring about your body and quieting your mind. Your inner senses will come alive, you will take notice and respond.

Each of us is the other

Each of us is quite alone and on loan from ourselves, to ourselves, for ourselves. Each of us is the other. All we can see, feel or imagine is contained within our being. We are quite alone AND together TO Gather. We have, we are and we will.