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  • Is there a mother, father and child inside each person

Mother father and child inside each person

9. After we gave this consideration during our study of the many parts of being a human we realized that the source of all living things was first and remains nameless and invisible. The first human, in one perspective, would have to have been available to give birth to another human, so we see Eve, Adam and Child. There are stacks and tons of material that agree with this and thousands of prophets also.

Picture your self as inner child

Michael and Steven say it is much more than how we dress, see map pic and excerpt / link below:

(We ask you to picture yourself with your self as inner child and your Male/Female attributes from your Mother Father energies.)

Analytical Intuitive

They become an infinity sign

It is nice to see an image of a 6 and 9 merging as seen above, they become an infinity sign, available to every Man/Woman/Child union, in our opinion. We can see the top level parts, Male and Female, each with attributes to compliment and pressure the other. Why are we formatted to collaborate and oppose?

To thrive and evolve

Men and Women need each other but they also need the Child inside them.

Not only to thrive but to evolve. We are all here today to put the pieces together and

“Make it Happen!”

We are all here today to put the pieces together

Today we seem to be tied at the back of the head. We can both have a 360 degree view around us and a view of the results of our actions.

But we cannot look directly at each other. Metaphorically, this is where many find themselves today. What else are we besides Male and Female? What other parts can we identify to have a greater picture of ourselves?

Our Child!


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