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  • How does one jump off the gerbil wheel of work, play, sleep, leaving things undone

How to get off the gerbil wheel

The problem that comes from being on the gerbil wheel of work, play, sleep, repeat is that most of our thinking time is spoken for. And in between we feel tired and lost and want to be left alone. Some of us use the weekends or hobbies to attempt balance and happiness. There are many more ways humans have tried including inward journeys.

Ever since the Greeks came to believe

Ever since the Greeks came to believe that deductive reasoning, which was incredibly successful in mathematics, was also the only acceptable way of obtaining knowledge in every other discipline. Observation was undervalued, deduction was made king, and Greek scientific knowledge was led up a blind alley in virtually every branch other than exact sciences. This overestimation of mathematics can be seen in a quote from Galen:

Whereas time causes grief and other emotions to alter and cease, when has the mere passage of time ever persuaded anyone that he has has enough of “twice two are four” or “all radii of a circle are equal” and made him change his mind about such beliefs and give them up? (Galen, On the Doctrines of Hippocrates and Plato 4.7.43)

Since those times, we have turned from logic to fantasy. Is it logical to work 30, 40 or 50 years for a weekly paycheck and pay 20 times the price for your house on a mortgage.

And then when you die the government takes half to 3/4 to 100% of whatever you have left depending on who’s in office. Of course that is not logical because logical things makes sense and that does not make sense.

There is no reason

We do not have to be slaves to a master slave system unless we agree to it. There is no reason to have a master when you are the master of yourself. The system is designed around money so if your focus is on money only then money only is what you will get.

To jump off the wheel of despair

To jump off the wheel of despair and nowhere you only have to recognize your own power. Any person can have the life that they want with or without a steady paycheck. It is all about your principles, values and what is most important to you. If that is what guides you then you will adjust your work schedule and the job you have so your focus is mainly on that.

Jumping off the gerbil wheel is like jumping from the role of slave to master, master of yourself.