Child Answer Seven

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  • Why is language our Lane Gage

Why is language our Lane Gage

7. Words and language ultimately began on sounds and gestures. That base of sounds and gestures has never left language or words. From the Greeks to the Hebrew to the French to the English, the language has changed with the times.

the power you have when you use words

The most important loss in this evolution has been the understanding of the power you have when you use words and language this power is evident in everything we create and relate to. Your view of yourself, your relationships and the world around you can be set to detriment or benefit depending on your knowledge and use of language.

The beginning of the use of words

The beginning of the use of words shows a lot of basic communication of what is most important in the fundamentals of living the best life possible. In simpler times, travel and identifying everything was not as important as living the best life possible. People stayed home and within their community. Neighboring communities were in their region but most stayed within that region.

We get our modern language and the sounds from the Greeks who developed most of their knowledge in Egyptian schools.

Deductive Reasoning method to create identifiers

The Male desire to identify and parse everything led to the increase in words, their sounds and their multiple contextual meanings. The Greeks also developed Deductive Reasoning as an additional method to create identifiers for all different things in all different categories.

We have allowed our brothers and sisters, the educators, the psychologists and the scientists to tell us what it all means. However in these three institutions we see a hubris that leads most to use their own ‘language’ that only each other in their clubs understand. Then, they accuse us as being laymen.

Ask yourself: What is most important to me?

Think more effective and simpler ideas like,

‘what is most important to me’

‘what are my values’, ‘what are my principles’

‘what am I thankful for’, ‘who listens to me’, ‘what is my purpose’ and there are many more even simpler. ‘What project is undone’ , ‘what project should I start’, ‘are my lists up to date’, and so on.

These little restarts help, but the most important start is recognizing that the words are so confusing because we allow it. Each of us can un-tie from the false emotional attachment to words and realize they are symbols and sounds.


Recognize who and what you are.

 Use your knowledge and skills to find the Appreciation and Humility you need to evolve. Words are a funny thing nowadays. We each have developed our own private view of words, sentences and ideas as we have come to learn to assemble them in our minds. Give words less power, return it to you.