Child Answer Six

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  • What is the confusion between Male and Female

What is the confusion between Male and Female

6. Confusion on what a male is and what a female is stems from many generations of separation of ourselves into roles of male and female and then we adapted our roles as our view of ourselves and the world around us changed.

The non lie be told, male and female are represented equally in every person. Our personal life story and the way we were born determines how we express our selves in the relation to the world around us.

Male Female duality spiritual principal

Male – Female duality, the spiritual principal that there is a male and female energy within us that we need to bring into harmony in order to achieve spiritual growth.

In our roles as Humans the lines between Male and Female have combined. We have become less concerned with gender, or at least we pretend to be. The confusion is in what roles we should play.

The question answers itself. If we are role playing we are not authentic. We are role playing. Maybe us couples could establish our positions, be ourselves authentically and be accepted by our partners?

Corrupted male is a self-aggrandizing effort to subdue and control and exploit women for his own private desires.

And the essence of corrupted female is the self-aggrandizing effort to subdue and control and exploit men for her own private desires. And the difference is found mainly in the different weaknesses that we can exploit in one another.

So if we see this, we can work on it. Males have brute strength and a ‘Mans’ world behind them.

Partner problems

She can sell anything because she knows the universal weakness of man and how to control him with it. The exploitation of women by sinful men is often harsh and violent.

Exploitation of men by sinful women is just as pervasive in our society. The difference is that our sinful society sanctions the one perversity and not the other. There are societies that do just the opposite.

This can only be if the individual lost respect and awe for them self. Partner problems are really individual problems. If one of them makes it their mission to know and appreciate themselves, the march toward repair can begin.