Child Answer Thirty Three

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  • What are Human Cells

33. Human cells run into the 10s of trillions throughout your body and are constantly on the move delivering and taking out the trash. Each cell contains hundreds to thousands of distinct structures within the individual cell and each of those structures has its own function. The new tools we have in science today explicitly show that each human cell has the infrastructure of a city.

These cells run almost exclusively on air and water and control most of the important functions regarding delivery and taking out the trash throughout all the systems of your body.

Find out all we have learned about the human cell and how to get all of them to operate at 100% function to improve your life dramatically. Recent blog:

How Many Cells to Make Me

The latest scientifique instruments and minds have determined a number of cells in the body of around 30 trillion and there are many different types of cells in the human body. Approximately 200 types have been identified such as red blood cells, white blood cells, skin cells, brain or nerve cells and fat cells among many many others.

Many of the human cells are fused together as groups and create the nodes and the organs.

80% of the human cells are red blood cells which deliver materials and oxygen throughout the body and also are part of the waste removal system or sewage systems working in partnership with the lymphatic system which takes up as much space and energy as the red blood cells do.

The human body red blood cells are so active in their scope and reach, they literally create megatons (in relation to) of waste and death in their wake. …the reason for the expansive nature of the interstitium, interstitial fluids, lymph nodes and the net-workings of the lymphatic system.

The bacterial cells in the human body are about 30% greater than the other human cells they number around 38 trillion so you have one bacterial cell for every human cell plus 30% extra running background duties that scientists have yet to identify.

On the question of the nervous system and its cells including all of the brain cells called neurons there has been according to the latest greatest observation ull techniques identified roughly 171 billion cells in the average male brain. That number includes around 86 billion brain cells or neurons the ones that transmit signals throughout the brain and nervous system. There are also a matching brain cell right next to every neuron numbering around the same number 85 billion and those cells are called GLIAL cells or glial cells and they are the constant or backup to the brain cell.

Your red blood cells see the most action so to speak in the human body and they are constantly on the move and within each one of them are many different structures doing many different functions including a central headquarters called a nucleus. The number of these red blood cells who die every day and need to be replaced has been counted in the numbers of 200 billion and up per day the same number of new red blood cells, on board at the same time every day of your life.

So if we count all the cells and look at all the things they do and what they’re up to we see that almost exclusively all the action is in the red blood cells which would account for why they need to be replaced so often. All the other cells remain stationary so to speak or constant and what they do so there are more of a nurturing or sympathetic role and the red blood cells are in a constant outreaching mood.

A view of the body which may demonstrate the balance of the body which seems to be 80% concerned with outreach and action while the rest of ourselves remain in the background. Could this demonstrate or show a image of how our life world societies and peoples minds are at today. Do we see in the way our human bodies live and thrive a mirror to how we present ourselves as living beings in the world. Could it be that all of the outcomes we see or outcomes from our own emanations or thoughts mixed with the awesome capabilities of a human being.

Red Blood Cells Triad Partners:


With the red blood cells taking 80% of the volume and energy and 99% of the action in the human body we have to mention their two equal partners who are the brain and the heart. Whenever the blood reaches the heart the heart opens its door and when the blood enters the chambers it gets re vortexed and that is how it has a new life or energy with each cycle that it runs through the body.

What is a Heart (the one we see)

The physical heart that we see is the size of a fist an adult and you will see it move in and out over 100,000 times a day. About 2000 gallons of red blood cells through through the heart each day. The heart will continue to make movements like that even when completely removed from the body.

A woman’s heart beats slightly faster than a man’s. The heart itself weighs less than one pound but on average a man’s heart is about 2 ounces heavier. The beating sound that you hear is the sound of the heart doors opening and closing. What OK

A broken heart can literally occur when a broken heart type of event or a rush of stress hormones from an emotional situation or physical stress situation occurs. The person would have similar symptoms of a heart attack and it would be hard to tell the difference. You would literally see someone experiencing a broken heart.

There are about 200,000 miles of conduit and blood vessels in your body. Over 60,000 of them are your blood vessel system.

The best medicine for an aching heart is laughter as it reduces stress and boosts up your immune system. The health of the heart affects the health of every part of your body. Our diet lifestyle and emotional well-being are a match to the health of the heart.

In our world today the next best medicine for your heart is to stop doing things that are harming your heart. After eliminating those habits the most important part of your body to help the health of your heart and your overall body is your middle or your core.

Doing relaxing hobbies actually lets you unwind in your busy mind and makes your heart happy and healthy. This would include doing your favorite hobbies or getting out into nature and experiencing it directly and fully. More stretching and flexible and balance improvements that you do will also improve greatly the health of your heart and your overall body.

The number one advice is movement as the great philosopher said movement is the best medicine. This is because the movement enhances your blood flow and the health of your heart. As long as we remember this, we will stretch and move on a regular basis to improve the flow of our blood and the health of our heart and overall body because we know this.

The movement of the blood through the body has been found to be happening partly from the vortexing technique that the heart gives each cell, partly from the movements of the human being himself and mostly from the actions and frictions caused by the lymphatic system or the waste removal system of the body.

The brain is an equal partner in the three part system because it demands oxygen on demand and also blood flow on demand and it will shut down without it. Our lives have become extremely mental mixed with our minds which can reach and reach and reach and wherever we look we continue to find more and the more we look the more our brain will require more supply of nutrition and oxygen to maintain its constant calculating and combining of things.

This arrangement that we have arranged of all these red blood cells needed to constantly fill the brain with the required energy to fulfill its tasks have shown us that our brain has gotten way more powerful than our heart.

Some may call it the dilemma of the analemma because when we look at a Figure 8 with one side bigger than the other then we can see the brain getting bigger and the heart getting smaller. If such a course was allowed to continue eventually the heart side of the eight would get squeezed out.

So goes one timeline and onto the next timeline. This is one way to view the death rebirth cycle that is demonstrated within the activities of our own bodies. We not only see impending emcoes’ within our lifetimes but ongoing constant emcoes’ with the billions and hundreds of billions of red blood cells that must expire and be reborn on a daily basis. Such is life and death which is why we need neither.

How Would One Re-Vitalize their Blood

70% of Human deaths are from dehydration. The number one cause of death is dehydration – of the human cells. When water is absorbed into the bloodstream, ithas not yet absorbed into the individual cells yet. Each human red blood cell and your other cells have a specific arrangement of allowing hydration to the inside of the cell. At the molecular level the water breaks down into certain crystal shapes in its natural flowing form.

In today’s modern western diet world we see human bodies with very thick blood that is not flowing very well and the water contained within the blood has molecules that are clumped together making the water also less flowing. This flow of the water and the breaking up of the clumps of the molecules is essential to the cells becoming properly hydrated.

When the foods we eat contain water within them that is flowing then that is the kind of water that ends up inside our body and into our bloodstream. If we eat foods that are mostly dead and have non flowing water and water that is either mis-shapen or the molecules clumped together then they will never make it into our blood cells directly. Instead those liquids and waters that are mis-shapen and clumped together will simply pass out of your body.

We can also mess up the hydration to the cells from the stickiness of the blood bad food causes. We can also interfere with the hydration of the cells through inactivity and sedentary life lifestyle as these cell networks depend on the movement of the human body to fulfill their cycles of movement through the body. When you are not moving around your body has to make up for it in a myriad of different ways by activating different systems within the body and in the lymphatic system.

Finally we can impede the effectiveness of the hydration of the cells through negative thinking and lack of rest. These will both have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness and strength of the cells as they depend on you to get your rest and think positive thoughts.

There you have it. By changing our behavior and the foods that we put in our mouth we can instantly change how well hydrated and rested by our human cells and their network will be. This of course translates to them having much more strength and vitality and able to function at a much higher level. This means a dramatic and overall improvement in every aspect of our life and relationships.