Child Answer Thirty Two

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  • How many parts and bodies do I have

32. You are a human being and you are very complex and have many parts and several bodies and many histories. We are all part our mother and father so minimum we are mother father and child. Since each of us is that we are also a sovereign independent and unique being so that makes us four parts. The 5th part is the source of all living things that pervades all of life and earth and is earth.

Inside our thoughts we find at least two areas our mental intellectual area and our emotional reactive area. We all play a three part game in this game we think something then we feel something about it then we do something about it.

The thinking, feeling, doing aspect of the human being can be thought of as three bodies. They would be the mental body the emotional body and the physical body each with its own complexities.

Below are a couple articles to further explore the parts that make us:

Just as there are 7 colors in the rainbow spectrum, 7 levels of consciousness, 7 ages of man and 7 notes on the western scale, there are 7 major chakras in the human body.

There are five chakras outside the body that assist us in connecting to the universal field. The chakras are energy centers, transformers and gates that connect the meridian lines and the three auras surrounding the physical and subtle bodies. They are located along the spine and up into the head and can be activated and balanced with the chakra meditation outlined at the end of this article.

Activating all the 7 Chaltaa is an extremely difficult task. But, this process can lead a person into a state of wholeness.

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My first recognition of myself being multifaceted ……

Was My Duality

I heard and watched many people and books describe the Duality concept but it left me wanting more.

I determined my consciousness was in my main focus or within my thoughts and emotions, but my body I was more subtlety, more ‘aware’ of and certainly never thinking of the trillions of measurable and immeasurable forces at play. So in one place or my physical body I can sense it and I am aware of it physically, in my brain and senses. However my consciousness seems to contain 90% or more of my focus.

But my consciousness is not containable unless I write it down or I speak it. So when my consciousness is silent, where is it?

Since my consciousness contacts with ideas, nature and other
people, it seems it travels through the air. Where else could it be travelling through? So now I have at least two facets to describe the parts of me. Three if I had counted the Air/Water.


well I have feelings/emotions so there is the third body.

From there, I started to pick apart each of my three bodies, my physical body, my mental body and my emotional body. While I studied each of these bodies, I
came to recognize my third body, of emotions and feelings.
That seemed to follow my thoughts and then my actions.
So this identity of the 3 bodies of me brought me a lot of clarity toward the
question of what am I… and how I operate and in what order things happen.


The next thing I noticed was that we all seem to be in a three part cycle of thinking,
feeling something about it, and action or responding or not to it.
However all the events we are part of and see, hear and feel seem to be recorded
forever in our being. I figure it is forever living in the air and the water. The water was proven to contain memory and be manifest-able via thought and emotion. The work of Dr Imoto proved it.

What we know now is that our thoughts affect water crystals. So our thoughts should not be underestimated as we are known to be 70% or more water in our bodies. Air in Humans is not even calculated as if it is irrelevant!

Our thoughts literally change the physiology of our cells as messages are transported around our body on the medium of water. Nature intended water molecules to be hexagonal like those on the top row above. These structures match the water pores in our cells thereby allowing the water to pass in and carry vital nutrients into and out of the cell.

So negative thoughts will be adding to dehydration! And positive thoughts helping hydration!

Now as before I started this study, I constantly am wondering
who designed, created and maintains my design and all the designs I
see around me.

This question gave me a fourth body or partner. So I call this the
fourth body or the Designer, Creator and Maintainer of All. Now that I am
FOUR it becomes more than obvious, what I will be FOR, for now on.

This dynamic of FOUR bodies stayed with me for a while, but I kept looking my hand and my thumb.

After some time, I realize the thumb represents ‘Me’ as a unique entity and mini version of
Earth so now I am 5, and happier than ever to be alive!

All the while, I am studying my five ‘bodies’ which constitute Me, I am
learning about the overall format of Life which seems obviously
demonstrated in an obvious Duality, the male female dynamic.

I see this dynamic of male and female in every category such as electrical: anode / cathode, biology:
acid/alkaline, computers: on/off or / in/out, breathing: in/out, tides
in/out, life on/off. So now I am mixing two dynamics with the five bodies, and and overall design / operating system / format of in /out or male/female.

This made my other hand more obvious to me. Many studies have proven
that we humans are constituted of male and female attributes and the
operations inside our bodies operate on that format of friction /
pressure / In/Out, Home / Away – yes, Home & Away.

Now I can look at both hands and see that one represents my 5 bodies
on the male side and my other hand represents 5 bodies on the female

When I merge the pair of five bodies I am a perfect 10 or ONE. When I
realize this, I will have won and I will become forever now!
So from here, I am happy to have achieved this understanding and will
work everyday to realize It.

What is the Method of Transmuting Thoughts to their Physical Equivalent – How Am I Mentally Creating My Realities

We are Air and Water Beings Arranged by Consciousness. We are made to Create. We do this through a subject we have been taught through memes NOT to talk about. We learn through observing others, what is good to talk about and what is NOT good to talk about. Yes, ‘the powers that be’ do have some influence over the media that flows to you. However, they are gatekeepers to your Truth. They will only give you what you request.

What is this mysterious thing we do not talk about that is our method or power. It is called telepathy. And through telepathy and the wonders of Human Being, we make our realities. Call it Telepathic Manifestation. It is one of the many aspects of our Being.

It is the name of the ‘Magic’ every Human Being is born with. When we are unaware of it, others swoop in and take our mental / telepathic / manifestation powers. We still own them. We have loaned the use of them to some other entity, purpose or to someone else. We do not lose ownership from doing this.


From Kerry Cassidy: “This concept of the Borg AI as a ONE WAY communication relationship may be inaccurate.  There is no reason why it can’t go both ways.  We could therefore influence the Borg to be whatever we want it to be just as easily as it could do the same to us.  At that point one would wonder where the dominance lies?

A shot or jab can be used to takeover or simply provide a new operating platform which is still suggestible and susceptible to your neural network which receives and directs signals incoming and outgoing… The same as a carbon body.  What then is the difference?”

You and I and our many bodies are within the consciousness of the Designer Creator and Maintainer
of All. It is the power source and the reason. Self evident through observation.

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Morphogenetic Fields

In biology, a morphogenetic field is a group of cells that leads to specific body structures or organs. For example, a cardiac field becomes heart tissue. Scientist Rupert Sheldrake, in the early 1980s, was the first to label a learning field that instructs the scientifically recognized ones, calling them the energetic or subtle morphogenetic or morphic fields.

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