Child Answer Twelve

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  • What intel will I receive when I can hear all my inner senses.

What intel will I receive

12. We found that when you can clean not only your body but your body and your mind that you will literally hear the subtleties from your inner senses. We found great success in the choices we made in our diet and what we lent our ears and eyes to for the last 10 years. After a lot of hard work the magic of our inner sense had been partially revealed to us.

Actions to quiet your mind, adjust your behavior and rid your body of parasites and inflammation. Do it with the intention of improving your life and those you reach and care for.

Actions to quiet your mind

The Intel you receive does not have words but it will bring you Peace and Fearlessness along with Clarity and humility. All preceded by Appreciation for your awesomeness as a walking Creation and the rest of Creation around you.

One thing that happens when you get quiet is you can truly listen (LIST). You can now correctly hear others and your own thoughts. Start by writing down all the thoughts that are typically running in your mind/brain and observe the list and think about it. This exercise will force you to experience ‘quiet’.

You can truly listen

What will I eat now? Things on the DO EAT list and not things on the DO NOT EAT list. Priority one. Replace sugary drinks with correct water and raw fruit juice or diluted juice. Replace candy with dates, dried mangos and dried fruit

Replace chips with better non-canola or palm oil organic chips. And use raw or less roasted or adulterated seeds and nuts.

Add dips! Like guacamole, hummus and the variations. Plus get the best and closest to raw nut and seed butters. Use celery sticks as often as possible. Use carrot sticks and radishes but less of them. Only cook vegetables with raw or best coconut and olive oils.[11:48 AM]When you are ready, eliminate dairy, eggs and cheese.

The rhythm of fruit is alive

Fruit is the number one food a human can live and thrive on. The rhythm of fruit is alive, living and Life. It speeds through the stomach into the bloodstream with little waste. The water content of fruit is the best water in the world and what the body wants and needs

You will feel the energy and the satisfaction as your sleeping operating systems reboot and restart. Your thoughts of self loathing and what is wrong with the world will be replaced with appreciation and humility in front of Creation.

When doing smoothies for breakfast

Eat melons separate with 20 minute breaks. Choose sweet, ripe and super watery fruit including bananas and dates but also oranges, pears apples mangos kiwis and more. When you peel, de-seed and blend you should end up with a giant vat of liquid donuts that is tender on the throat, sweet on the tongue, pleasant to the eyes, and gracious to your thighs, plus for your mind body and spirit, a big surpris

Sex and Death answer

Why do sex and death go hand and hand? We will try to answer. We know the man ejaculates his Life at orgasm so it in itself is the Man dying part of himself. The woman desiring a child entices herself to facilitate the man wanting to ejaculate. So it becomes a team effort. Together they continue the empcoe/ouroboros cycle of death and re-birth. We literally facilitate it.

It is connected to Humanity reaching into make believe and focusing exclusively on an external world that is evolved to death merchants and consumers. continuing to try to usurp the Creator. It is a reaping of what we sow.

But the Creator wants us to sow and reap and we all will be kept and no one is forsaken or left behind. We are the ultimate Soul Warriors of the Multi Verses and All Realms which exist entirely inside each breathing Human Being.