Child Answer Twenty Five

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  • Who was Jesus

25. Jesus is the most famous person who is ever talked about in our era and he is thought to have lived a couple thousand years ago. There have been many authors and editors of the text around the Jesus story so we have to expect that not all of it is 100% accurate.

We know the J, the letter J was invented 300 years or so after this person named Jesus walked the earth and that the movement following his life was still active at that time and that there was a committee formed called the council of nicea which edited the entire Bible by removing many of the books and editing every word of all the texts.

The Italian-German linguist and philosopher Francesco Carotta proves in his book Jesus was Caesar that the story of Jesus Christ has its origin in Roman sources. After more than fifteen years of investigation Carotta has found the traces which lead to the Julian origin of Christianity. He concludes that the story of Jesus is based on the narrative of the life of Julius Caesar.

Carotta: ”The Gospel proves to be the history of the Roman Civil war, a ‘mis-telling’ of the life of Caesar-from the Rubicon to his assassination-mutated into the narrative of Jesus, from the Jordan to his crucifixion. Jesus is a true historical figure, he lived as Gaius Julius Caesar, and ressurected as Divus Julius.”

The cult surrounding Jesus Christ, son of God and originator of Christianity appeared during the second century. Early historians, however, never mentioned Jesus and even to this day there has been no historical proof of his existence. Julius Caesar, ‘son of Venus’ and founder of the Roman Empire, was elevated to the status of Imperial God, Divus Julius, after his violent death. The cult that surrounded him dissolved as Christianity surfaced.

Did you know most paintings of J Esus are based on a King’s order that He be painted in the likeness of that King’s son? It is a picture of some King’s son.

Did you know Christ is a belief system or a philosophy? Many notable figures have attached the title of Christ in their names or status level in Secret Societies over the last Ages. So if Christ, the term, is used so frequently, why do we auto-attach it to the story of Ieosus (J-Esus)

Ieosus is shown in authentic journals written then that the person’s name was Ieosus.

Why does the christ prefix sound out like the words crash, crick, crap, cronies, crease. cringe, crud, crowd, crypt, crime, cross, criticize, crank, creak, cracker, crabby, crass, cremate, crooked, crude, cruel, crack, crayon, credit, crackle, crumble, should be a softer word, yes? Why not say with the ch-ew or ch-erry sounding prefix. If we did it would sound out to “Tryst” is this significant?

Lets cut the crap and get to the bottom of why christ starts with the cut sound. All words that start with this sound of “cut” or have the “cut” sound within them are for one reason only – to get your attention! It is like yelling “Hey You!”

(in latino they say Hey Zeus! for j esus-christ)

The “cut” sound is integral in our daily language and sounds we make. There are other regularly occurring sounds like “SH” or shoosh and “CH” for chop sounds and “SS” for S sounds. How many times a day do you pronounce the “SS” sound? So, in the beginning we are shown the symbols (letters, numbers and 2D shapes) and the sounds they make.

Once we become self aware of our independent sovereignty, we can distribute our time and ears where we choose.

We imitate our teachers and they they give us approval. Is how we learn. Once we become self aware of our independent sovereignty, we can distribute our time and ears where we choose. We can evolve toward any direction we are aware of. Some choose to stay in the language of ‘languishing’. Some choose the language that sets our ‘lane-gage’. Language of respect and regard.

The language of ‘languishing’ is a place where all your words have partial meanings to you and you mimic what those around your locations are saying. Be that a physical location or yourself in front of a screen.

You can choose to ‘follow along’ or you can choose to claim your independence, your ability to think and choose and your sovereignty. By choosing your language style to be ‘languishing’ or flowing, you are choosing your own personal ‘Lane-Gage’!

The same technique in the body. If your water inside you is clumped and stagnant it will support parasites, which live off of death. If you fill your body with live things, it will kill your parasites.

One of many explanations from our hero Guru Bawa:

“Although this man may be created as a mystery of all mysteries, he will not be able to see Me and My Beauty with the visions of his eyes, with his mind, with his desire, with the four hundred trillion aspects of his physical body, nor with religions. He must go beyond all these barriers and come to realize the three Secrets within each person. One who has attained this station will exist in this world as the Qutb and as the Son of God. This is very rare.

Since the Qutb is within Me and I am within the Qutb, he will not create any equal to Me. He will not accept magics or mantras or any of the four hundred trillion deities, nor will he equate them with Me. He will not keep as My equal nor worship any of the forces or energies of the earth, the forces of fire, the forces of water, the forces of air, or the forces and energies of ether (such as the sun and moon). He will not keep any of these as My equal or worship them.

“He will unravel the mystery of ‘La illaha, il Allahu—Nothing other than God exists. Only God exists. Everything else is nothing. Only God is God.’ The completion of this mystery is the Mystery of God, and that Secret is Man. His body is a Secret, his Soul is a Secret, and the God within him is a Secret. One who fails to understand this mystery of man will never come to know God, his Self, and God’s Grace. This mystery is one that has not been seen by the visions of the eyes, the visions of the mind, or the visions of desires.”

At 5:10 P.M. on 4/6/70

40. Child! Please listen to an illustration. A hare went early in the morning to graze on dewy grass. The top of the blades of the ‘Arugu’ grass were very sharp. As a result of the dew, the hare bit the grass in a hurry. The pointed blades of the ‘Arugu’ grass injured its nose. So the hare became angry. It said to the grass, “Are you so brave? You have stung my nose. I will not eat you.” So saying, it went away. The hare in its anger did not eat the grass. The grass laughed at the hare’s foolishness.

There are human beings like the hare. Owing to their degraded state of Wisdom (Ariveenam) they commit mistakes, fall into pits, and break the bones of their legs and hands. Being unable to climb out of the pit, they blame Omnipotent God, Who creates all beings, feeds them and protects them both in their joys and sorrows. They become angry with God and say, “You are blind! Are you God? What is the use of worshipping You? Are You the person who created all beings? You are not God. If You are God, why do You cause suffering?

“Some human beings blame the doctor when they go to him to get treatment for their diseases. If the doctor says, “Please wait a little. I will prepare some medicine and administer it to you”, they retort, “Are you a doctor? How long have I been waiting? Do you think that there are no other doctors in this world?” and go away in anger.

Some people go in search of a Spiritual Master (Guru) to satisfy their spiritual hunger and to cure themselves of their diseases of birth and death. They go to him in a state of extreme devotion. They expect the Guru to welcome them with all ceremony, honour them and give them a seat of honour by his side. If the Guru does not do this, some people who go to the Guru to study Divine Luminous Wisdom (Gnanam) get angry because they have not been given special treatment by the Guru, and say, “He is not an authentic Spiritual Master. He is an impostor who is cheating the world. What does he know?”, and go away.There are many people who have been going about in search of God, singing hymns in praise of God. When they are tired of this method of trying to reach God, they go in search of a Guru. When they go to a Guru, instead of following his teachings, they try to find out the following particulars about the Guru. “Has he obtained Divine Luminous Wisdom (Gnanam)? Is he wearing ochre robes or not? Is he wearing holy ash on his forehead? Is he wearing only spun cloth or is he naked? What is his race and caste? Is he a Tamil or a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Christian?” If they find that he does not wear robes or symbols of religion, they jest about him and go away, because these people pay more respect to the external trappings, the robes, the religious symbols, etc., of the Guru than to his Divine Teachings.

Some people suffer from disease, poverty, loss in business, litigation regarding property, domestic trouble caused by their spouse and children, unemployment, etc. They think that if they go to the Guru they will be able to find a way of improving their living and that God or the Guru will grant all their requests. They go to the Guru, tell him about their sufferings, and request the Guru to grant them wealth. If the Guru does not grant them wealth, they scold the Guru, emphasising their point with gesture of their eyes, mouth, neck, and head, and go away in anger.

All these people are like the hare which got angry with the ‘Arugu’ grass and went away without grazing it. They are the people who are guided by selfishness and who are bound to take several births. They will never study Wisdom (Gnana). Even if you lecture to them continuously for a month giving billions (crores and crores) of illustrations, they will never give up their wicked deeds. You must understand the nature of such people and give discourses. Most of the people in the Serendib Circle in Ceylon who come to study Wisdom (Gnana) are this type of person. But among them there are one or two who are really born as Man and are striving to be Man-God (Manu-Easan). They are in search of the Guru. They want to reach God.

If such people come to you, you should teach them Wisdom (Gnana) and explain to them the Truth about God, whom it is very difficult to know. But such people will be very few.

If the hare does not eat the grass, what does it matter to the grass? It does not matter to the Guru or to God if people who wanted to study Wisdom (Gnana) to reach God, get angry with God and the Guru and go away. This is the nature of the world and the nature of its devotees.

So said His Holiness Guru Bawa to his disciple.