Child Answer Twenty Four

Bawa Muhayadeen – ? – 1986
  • How many prophets have there been?

How many prophets

24. There have been 10s of thousands of prophets and exalted men and women who have walked the earth over the millennias.
Each carried their own burdens of trials and tribulations as they tried to share their message.

Many texts from many prophets survive and we all can choose the different styles and types of texts we like to hear. The Bible has a famous quote, listen to all the prophets but keep only the good.

Guru Bawa says there were 124,000 prophets

Our hero Bawa Muhayadeen says there were 124,000 prophets and many more angels, saints and other beings. He gave a full explanation in 1970. Kevin was a student since 1970 at 10 years old.

1972 Philadelphia, PA “The Divine Luminous Wisdom That Dispels The Darkness: God-Man,” from the preface, written by Bawa:

Man-God, has been written to expound the Truth and Wisdom of man. What we have learned is equivalent to a handful, and what we have not learned is equivalent to the dimensions of the world.

Like this, God’s Beauty, His Grace, His Truth, and the Beauty of the eighty-four hundred thousand different creations of God—the reptiles, the animals, the beauty and the colors of the birds, the creations of the sea and their beauties; the jinns, fairies, angels, malaks, devas, and all other heavenly beings; the Prophets and the saints, their beauties, their nature, and their qualities; and the Qutb; the Gnanis, their overwhelming forbearance and tolerance and their Divine Wisdom;

The four hundred trillion illusory forces and energies of the glitters of this earth, the earthly qualities, their colors, good and evil, the precious gems, gold, and other metals found in the earth; the element fire and its 1,008 forces and energies; the element water and its 1,008 illusory forces and energies; the element air and its 2,000 illusory forces and energies; the colors of ether, the stars, the sun, the moon, the lightning, and their forces and energies—have all been created by God.

Of His 3,000 beautiful Qualities, God took one atom of this and divided it into four hundred trillion portions and gave one minute portion of this to all His creations. And within this minute portion of this atom is contained all the beauties and all the forces and energies of His entire creation.

And then He took another minute portion of this atom and divided that into 3,000 parts and divided that 3,000 into four divisions. He gave three hundred of these to the religion of Zaboor (Hinduism), three hundred to the religion of Hanal (Fire Worship), three hundred to the religion of Injeel (Christianity), ninety-nine to the religion of Furkhan (Islam), one thousand to the angels and one thousand to the Prophets. And He kept one of these attributes for Himself within Himself.

And in that other minute portion are the qualities of creation, nourishment, sustenance, protection, judgment, and inquiry of good and evil; the power to open the hearts of all beings and to understand them; the protection of the Soul, which is Jesus; the Wisdom which appears in the Prophets and saints and in the Qutb as Moses; the protection of the Noor which is the Gnostic Effulgence manifested at the time of awwal (the primal beginning); and, like this, countless other protections. He lodged all this within a particle and kept it within Himself. In addition to this. He has within Himself 2,999 other beautiful Qualities.

What we are revealing in this book is a particle within a particle, which is equivalent to one of His particles divided into a billion finer particles. To the extent of our Wisdom we have revealed an infinitesimal quantum of knowledge in many other books, writings, and tape recordings.

Yet, however much of His Divine Grace has been revealed in all these materials, it would not be equivalent to even one drop of water in all the seven oceans. Even if all these oceans were converted into ink and all the trees in this earth were made into pens, it would not be possible to express or write about His Divine Beauty, His Miraculous Nature, and everything else about Him. That we must understand through our true Divine Wisdom and from a true Gnostic Guru.

After He created all His creations and created their wisdoms of feeling, awareness, intellect, judgment, and wisdom, and lodged these wisdoms within His creations, and created four hundred trillion creatures (formless and with forms), and gave them their appropriate lives, God kept them in His Presence and asked them to look at Him. But none of these creations nor their lives nor their bodies were able to understand God.

After this He sifted the essence from these four hundred trillion creatures and made that essence His Secret, and He made this Secret into His Grace. He gave this Grace seven forms of Beauty: feeling, awareness, intellect, judgment, wisdom, Divine Analytic Wisdom, and Divine Luminous Wisdom. He gave these His Light. Then He made this Light into a Secret and divided this Secret into four. One was made the physical body, one the Soul, one the Wisdom, and one the Perfection of God. Then He made it radiant within Him and made that Radiance His Heart and His Countenance.

He kept this State within Himself as His Secret and told this Secret to look at His Effulgent Form.

This Secret addressed God: “My God, my Protector, my Ocean of Compassion. Bismillahirahmaniraheem. My Creator, my Nourisher, my Sustainer, the One who does these three Duties, the First One. I have not seen anyone as great as You.” It then paid obeisance to God and worshipped Him.

Then God transformed this Secret Thing that witnessed His Secrets into His Divine Life and addressed it as follows: “I am going to create you in the form of three mysteries. I will be a Secret, My Gracious Soul will be a Secret, and the form of man that I am going to create will also be a Secret. In this mysterious way I am going to make you manifest.

To understand these mysteries you will have to know Me and I will have to know you. And within this I shall lodge all the universes and all the earlier creations. I will reduce it to an invisible particle and will lodge it within your Secret.

You must return to Me only after you have solved the mysteries of all My creations: the secret of your form and the mind within that form, the 18,000 universes contained within the mind, and the Form of that Light which is shadow-less and which exists as a Secret within a Secret; the Secrets of the Soul, the Prophets and the saints who are contained within that Secret; and the mystery of who you are and who I am.

Only after you transform these three Secrets (the Soul, the Wisdom, and the Noor) into One, and after you are transformed into your original state of Purity in which you are contained within Me and I am contained within you, can We converse with one another as in the present state. You are I and I am you. You are My Beauty and I am your beauty. I am the King and you are the Prince.

You must know all these. It is in this most beautiful Form that I am going to create the human form. This is a secret between you and Me. This is a mystery between you and Me—mystery beyond the understanding of all beings.”

Although this man may be created as a mystery of all mysteries, he will not be able to see Me and My Beauty with the visions of his eyes, with his mind, with his desire, with the four hundred trillion aspects of his physical body, nor with religions.

He must go beyond all these barriers and come to realize the three Secrets within each person. One who has attained this station will exist in this world as the Qutb and as the Son of God.

This is very rare. Since the Qutb is within Me and I am within the Qutb, he will not create any equal to Me. He will not accept magics or mantras or any of the four hundred trillion deities, nor will he equate them with Me.

He will not keep as My equal nor worship any of the forces or energies of the earth, the forces of fire, the forces of water, the forces of air, or the forces and energies of ether (such as the sun and moon). He will not keep any of these as My equal or worship them.

1972 Philadelphia – bawa muhayadeen

The author of this wonderful book of illustrations, His Holiness Sheik Muhaiyaddeen Guru Bawa, is a living Sage of the twentieth century. Sufi, Master, Saint, and the Living Guide of the Mystics, he is indeed the Spiritual Light of the Universe. His is a state that rises above caste, color, creed, religions, and religious dogmas. The Wisdom that keeps gushing forth from this Fountain of Life—to give life, strength, and Wisdom through the illustrations mirrored in this book—is indeed a boon for all seekers after Truth, whatever religions or faiths they may belong to.