Child Answer Twenty Nine

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  • How and what is Water and Air

29. The most super clear thing there is in life is air and water there is nothing that is more clear. Everything is made of air and water and everywhere you look is air and water.

Our Earth and our bodies are made exclusively of Air and Water. We are nearly identical in that regard. The non-lie is, we are identical in every regard. The Air and Water literally are Us and Earth. What holds it together. Consciousness and ‘friction’.

Of all the things that men and science can break apart and reassemble water is one that has never been solved. The men and scientists that try so hard to make water are demonstrating and proving to us that water cannot be made by men.
The air becomes even more mysterious as wherever you go and whatever level above the surface you go the air takes on different characteristics and serves different functions. When you look at the human body it is made exclusively of air and water.

from Bawa Muhayadeen 1970s


There are four kinds of terribly infectious diseases in man, four kinds of inherited cancers: the selfishness of religion, the selfishness of race, the selfishness of desire, and the arrogance of the karmically dark ego. These are the cancers which cause tremendous pain to everyone in the world. They disrupt equality, destroy peacefulness, hide the truth, spoil good conduct, burn man’s good qualities, destroy peace of mind, tolerance, and patience, and bring the diseases of poverty and destruction.

These cancers can be cured only with the power called God which is within man. If man acquires the power which is the good qualities, good conduct, good actions, patience, tolerance, equality, and compassion of God, if he takes that power as a medicine and allows it to spread throughout his body, those malignant diseases will be consumed. That is the only good medicine.


As long as one has a head, his nose will run. Where does the water come from? The head.

Similarly, as long as you have mind and desire, your thoughts will run, oozing worldly karma. In the way that water comes from your head, what is in your heart will show in your face. If your heart is clear, your face will be clear, and your life will also be clear.

Do not try to inject flavor into a fruit. The real flavor is already there. Like this, if you want to search for God, true wisdom, and liberation for the soul, do not think that you are the greatest of all miracle workers, that you are better than anyone else, or that you are God. Do not take the flavor of your ignorance and pride and try to inject that into the fruit of God. That would be like a monkey being let loose in an orchard: it would ruin the fruit and break the branches. Your prayer, your miracles, and all that you have gathered will end up like that.

If you try to put the thoughts, the flavor, and the tricks of the monkey mind into the flavor of God’s truth, do not think the result will be tasty. The fruit of God’s truth contains an eternal and changelessly sweet flavor. Throw away the flavor you have brought with you and taste the eternal flavor of God’s truth.

The ocean is salty, but are there grains of salt in the water? No. The salt is dissolved in the water; it is mingled with the water. If you want salt, you must put the water out in the heat of the sun and let it evaporate. Then the grains of salt will appear.

The saltwater in the ocean cannot quench the thirst of men or animals. It can only sustain the lives in the sea. However, when the ocean water is evaporated and made into salt, all lives can make use of it. It can be used in all kinds of medicine: homeopathic, ayurvedic, and western medicine, as well as in home remedies. It can also be used to make fireworks and chemicals. Salt crystals can be used in countless scientific ways to make or destroy things in the world. Man uses salt to enhance the flavor of his food. Nevertheless, though his body does need a certain amount but if taken in excess, it not only spoils the taste of the food, but also becomes dangerous to the body.

Like the salt in sea water, the mäyic essences of the earth, fire, water, air, and ether are dissolved in the body and in the illusory ocean of the mind. If man can boil these with divine analytic wisdom, changing them into divine luminous wisdom, that can be used for many beneficial purposes. With divine luminous wisdom, he can give to all the different lives the things they need in exactly the right amount.

In making salt by letting ocean water evaporate, man makes a useless thing into a useful and essential thing for life. In the same way, if man can find the way in which he can use his body and mind with wisdom to help others, it will elevate his life.