Child Answer Twenty One

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  • Who is Adam and Eve, really

Who is Adam and Eve, really

21. Who is Adam and Eve, really? Adam and Eve represent the first and second human and the first family of humans on Earth. Before they were here, there were no humans here. In a world we live in of deduction, hypothetical, theories and fantasies we can design and redesign the story of creation any way we want. The  Bible is where we learned about Adam and Eve, but we can see their story in our individual lives and the world around us. Adam and Eve are the first mother and father and thereby our first mother and father.

Experience Creation in multiple formats FOR EVER

Some say after Creation started, continuous Happiness became a misery. So fighting and dying for it came to be. We prefer to look at it a similar way. Multiple ways to experience Creation in multiple formats forever.

The story of Adam and Eve is so convoluted we have an interpretation also. The ‘game’ was formed from Thought. Populated with Beings and then Humans. Eve, Eve/Adam, Adam, Eve/Adam/Child or Eve Adam Child. So all of us have them as first parents.

Adam turned 6160 in 2021

Some in Torah land say Adam turned 6160 this year 2021. Others say he is walking with us today for this once in a lifetime showdown. Some say he ate fruit, some say an animal, some say he ate a soul.