Child Answer Twenty Seven

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  • What happens to me after suicide

27. You get more of what you were running from! Literally, no kidding.

You can think of suicide as the act of a stupid pig taking poison enough to kill itself. Its destiny will be to come back as a stupid pig and try it again.

In order to evolve and to complete the reason you are here, suicide is not an option. If you have to, fight to the death. 

Avoiding contemplating Suicide

…. whoever goes around searching for perfect beauty in this world will never have peace in his life. Somewhere or other there will always be a shortcoming. Looking throughout the whole world for beauty, he will always complain about one thing or another.

Finally he will be driven to the state of wanting to commit suicide. If you desire external beauty, this is how it will end. You will suffer defeat just like the man in this story.

If, however, you look for good qualities, good conduct, good actions, good behavior, sincerity, modesty, reserve, fear of wrongdoing, and faith and trust in God, if you desire what has wisdom, this will preserve your exaltedness in this life and the next.

bawa muhayadeen no 892 The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh

Social Isolation a Reason

Social Isolation

A person can become socially isolated for many reasons, including losing friends or a spouse, undergoing a separation or divorce, physical or mental illness, social anxiety, retirement, or due to a move to a new location. Social isolation can also be caused by internal factors such as low self-esteem. This can lead to loneliness and other risk factors of suicide such as depression and alcohol or drug misuse.

Suicide is a cycle like any other cycle. The suicide cycle brings you back into your life but without your physical shell and you get to live out your life that you would have except without your outer body. The problem with that cycle is it is so depressing that you may lose your soul forever so definitely not worth the risk. Plus who wants to keep starting things over and over again and never get done.”

The word cycle is a great teacher as all words are. Cycle pronounce “psyche” “cull” as in what a rancher does to his herd. A cycle is an ending of a thought or a creation by the mind. A cycle cannot be broken but it can be ‘walked away’ from

Suicide Cycles

Since suicide is not natural death but a highly unnatural form of death – it is considered spiritually unlawful in many ways – a sin that you have committed.

You will still finish your life but without your body and alone. Not worth it.