Child Answer Twenty Three

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  • What are Inner Senses

What are Inner Senses

23. Your inner senses are an entire set of senses that are built into your inside and you have special receivers for each sense, the nose, the ears, the eyes, the taste and the touch.

These inside are as vibrant and alive as the senses you experience from the outside. They operate on a very subtle and quiet frequency and the way to hear them is to get your body and mind quiet.

Outer senses outside world

When we look around at all living things we see an in / out or male female in all of them. You can think of your outer senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell as your way of receiving information from the outside world or the “away team”.

Your home team has all of your inner senses and information related to inner things but it can only be heard when you are quiet. We all walk as “home team” and “away team” inside of us the “away team” has senses for all outside information and the “home team” has senses for all inside information.

A Full Explanation of your Senses

A full explanation on your inner senses and related to your outer senses too, from a very wise man. From our hero, Bawa Muhayadeen from a small bedroom in a walk up rowhome with 50 people sitting on floor in front of him. I was there at 10 years old. The book was written later.:

enables man to know his Self and know beforehand what is in store, sees what is in front and merges in That One which has neither end nor destruction

At 7:50 P.M. on 5/18/70 No. 73. An exposition on the brain:

Child! The brain has four hundred lakhs (one lakh is 100,000) of crores (one crore is 10 million) of petals similar to the petals of the lotus flower. Each petal has ten and a half crores of births. In each birth one can see four hundred lakhs of crores of shapes and colours.

These colours and shapes are seen in mental visions and in physical visions. In addition, in dreams and in wakeful states, at night and in day time, during sleep and when one is wide awake, in states of hypnotic torpor and fatigue, and in states of degradation of the intellect, projections of the mind appear.

Through these projections the darkness of hypnotic fascination of Illusion (Maya) appears. In this darkness one sees scenes enacted. These scenes will show the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the clouds, fire, water, air, the earth, the sky, the sea, the rising land, ships, emeralds, gold, gems and other scenes of darkness of the demons living in the four hundred lakhs of crores of types of worlds.

Human intelligence submits all these scenes which appear in the panorama of the human mind in its dream state, i.e., the good and bad actions, joys and sorrows, success and failure, the armed forces, the wars, and other actions caused by the ten and a half crores of powers in each petal of the brain. Human intellect, which is in a state of spiritual degradation, analyses these scenes, and prepares an assessment of one’s worldly life. It assesses what it saw in the dream as victory, as joy, and what it saw as defeat, as sorrow.

This analysis reacts on his senses and on his physical body and causes a shock. The nerves and bones lose their stamina. Because of the state of fear induced by the shock, all the diseases which were latent in the body come out in the open and chase away his Divine Wisdom (Pahuth-Arivu), hide his Divine Luminous Wisdom (Perr-Arivu), make him lose the Divine Effulgence within him, churn the physical body and make it a wreck, and torture his soul. As a result, he gets fatigued, loses his senses and dies.

The powers in the petals of his brain work only to satisfy the desires of the senses and the elements.

As a result, his aims and desires lead to ninety-six types of obsessions, eighty-four types of diseases caused by the wind, 4,448 types of tissue disorders, four hundred lakhs of crores of mental diseases caused by the hypnotic fascinations of Illusion (Maya), diseases of Action (Karma) caused by the ten and a half crores of births, and the end of three and a half crores of births. They also lead to the understanding of the sixty-four Arts and Crafts (Kalas), the satanic state of the thirty-two attributes of the human body. They also lead to a spiritual sleep caused by inertia induced by ninety-five out of the ninety-six powers of the human mind.

They also lead to the commission of the six sins: craving (Kama), hatred (Krotha), miserliness (Loba), lust (Moham), vanity (Matham) and envy (Macharyam). These are caused by the state of Spiritual Ignorance induced by Egoism (Anawam). They also lead to the darkness of Hell caused by Egoism (Anawam), Action (Karma) and Illusion (Maya).

They also lead to the moods or the ‘three strong evil qualities’ (Rachitham, Thamaltram and Sathvicam) which torture the faculty of Wisdom (Arivu), and the five dreadful sins of intoxication, lust. theft, murder and falsehood, which are enemies of Spiritual Progress. The diseases caused by all these states impinge and influence the mind, which in turn influences the senses. Again, the senses influence the mind. The mind influences Illusion (Maya), Illusion (Maya) causes spiritual inertia and hypnotic torpor which influences the alluring projections of Illusion (Maya).

These influence human existence, which result in Actions (Karma). These actions influence the subconscious mind. The impressions in the subconscious mind influence the petals of the brain which elucidates the meaning. This in turn influences the power which makes use of the intentions of the mind. This results in the destruction of the glorious heritage of human existence. As a result, man loses his Spiritual Wisdom and slips down the path of degradation and destruction.

But, if this Spiritual Wisdom of man shines in Resplendence, removes the darkness of Illusion (Maya), chases the mind away, controls the influences of the five elements in the physical body, burns the five senses, repulses the attractions of the earth, opens the Gnostic Eye and cuts off the influences of the physical eyes, enables man to know his Self and know beforehand what is in store, sees what is in front and merges in That One which has neither end nor destruction. It will be the summum bonum of Human Existence and the Glory of The Ultimate Unique One (Paraparam). That Glory is Fullness. That Fullness is God. God is Man-God (Manu Eesan). That ‘Manu Eesan’ is God. You should understand this well. You should know the nature of the Petals of the Lotus of the Human Brain.

So said the True Gnostic Guru to his disciples.