Child Answer Twenty Two

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  • How much of the bible is a script / changed by the Council of Nicea

How much of bible is script

22. The amount of text written in the bible is quite large. And the amount of texts left out of the bible is larger than the bible. The amount of changes made to the bible are as many as there are words in the bible. The stories of the bible repeat themselves in civilization, cultures towns and households. The story of the bible is our story and although many men have adulterated and changed some meanings, those stories still represent our condition. The bible and Christianity are the basis for most laws, policies and memes in the world today. So regardless of how scripted or edited the bible is, its influence is throughout our condition.

Bible decode

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Cattle Ranchers Do What Cattle Ranchers Do

When you live in the great Midwest or the northwest you see the daily operations of the cattle ranch or the hay ranch both existing to provide meat to hungry citizens. They move the cattle from place to place, separate them and being them back together.

They urge them to make babies and to accept having their babies taken away. They also accept a diet very unnatural and full of adulterations leading to a premature and a painful end. This is the life of the cattle rancher and the cattle.

Parallels between cattle ranch and world

The parallels between the cattle ranch and the world i live in are becoming dreadfully similar. We have found that we do not have to be cows to be treated like cattle. it is possible to find yourself ans a human being like cattle.

What shall we do?

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Old Testament Torah Decode

We came out of the Ancient Hebrew times with the Torah aka Old Testament. It clearly states that all Non Jewish people are cattle or goy im.

Fast forward to the Roman takeover, Council of Nicea and The New Testament. Here it clearly states that Non Jewish people are to be servants.

Roman New Testament Decode

Quite an upgrade we made back then. From cows to people/servants. When the Romans toppled Jerusalem and burned down everything they became in charge o f all the books and all the religions. Christianity was reinvented at the Council of Nicea in 333 ad. At this time they invented the letter ‘j’ and changed the name of the chosen one to ‘Jesus’. They also removed books from the Bible and edited the remaining ones that suited them.

Then the Romans enforced the new Christianity across their domains. There are many accounts of the brutality of their enforcement. There are many accounts avail today from daily journal of citizens of biblical times regarding personal testimony on the story of ‘Jesus Christ’.

So now we have many old and new conclusions about Christianity

So now we have many old and new conclusions about Christianity, Modern Civilization, the Romans and the Bible. There seems to be a contingent in the leadership circles of the world to put us back to cattle status.