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  • What are the best ways to make lists that get done

The best ways to make lists

2. There are many materials on making lists effectively so that they don’t get lost and you can keep track of them easily, but the thing that people miss most is being sure you keep your ‘to do’ list separate from your ‘wish list’. 

All questions, queries and quests begin with Quiet. Without quiet we will miss some of the details and our Plan will fail. Before you start this hard work so that you too can have magic in your Life, you have to be quiet enough to make a list of details.

You will also need Clarity. Quiet comes first. When you become quiet enough in your body and mind, then you can see the details, then you list them and then you realize and gain clarity.

Lists include listening

Did you notice they are in order? While you are in quiet mode, take notice how everything that happens in order seems to be OK and gets completed. Things that are done out of correct order always need a re-start or never get done at all.

Lists include listening. – With your quieted mind and with a peaceful heart. One thing that happens when you get quiet is you can truly listen (LIST). You can now correctly hear others and your own thoughts. Start by writing down all the thoughts that are typically running in your mind/brain and observe the list and think about it. This exercise will force you to experience ‘quiet’.

When preparing an endeavor

These six steps are a cycle we all are always in. when preparing or within an endeavor. All thought and actions are based on feedback-response-application. How you respond to feedback and arrange it/react/apply yourself or not, determines the outcome.

How will you script your movie to come out?


Feedback Response

Focus inward on what you really want. Attain the knowledge you need to gain confidence. Make a list or two so you can “Make it Happen!”