Cyclical Earth Cataclysms

Proof of Existence – Dates

When a person hits the 100 year mark,  the vernal equinox points to a slightly “earlier” (retrograde) position on the ecliptic and will have ‘clicked’ back 1.4 degrees or .014 degrees per year. 25,770 translates to 25 which is 50/50 and 50/50 of 100. 770 translates to 14 or 50/50 to 28, the Lunar cycle. (Sounds AI Hive Mindie to me)

The path of the Earth’s North pole projected into the heavens describes a circle which takes 25,772 years to complete. Over 1,000 books have been data mined by several researchers – all drawing similar conclusions with varied deeper meaning to the Human Being.

We are living in multiple worlds, timelines and simulated environments. While at once being Eternal Soul Carriers and having a Physical challenge. We aim to share as briefly and concisely as possible – what cyclical Earth cataclysms are. Why they exist.

We use our conclusions and other researchers combined with 1000s of hours of contemplation and guidance from our own Counterparts.

How to avoid them and return your Physical personality to Union with your counterpart, your Soul, your Immortal Partner.

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