Detox the Body – Quiet the Mind

Releasing the Noise

Our bodies are perfect machines which manufacture all the elements we need to live and thrive. 95%+ of our nutrition to live comes from Air and Water.

By overconsuming, we literally cause interference to the body’s functions and cause storage of toxins that have built up into ‘Human Storage Units’ we call Fat.

Our bodies get overloaded with all the yummies we put in them. Mostly dense, not watery and loaded with artificial this and that. Your body thinks of it as food, so attempts to process it.

Learn here how to re-invent yourself and find your natural size body that loves you as much as you love it! We will show you the knowledge to clean your body once and for all and start living!

When we add too much more than the body can deal with, especially synthetic drinks and foods, the body creates fat areas as a storage unit system. Once enough storage units are needed, the body makes room for more storage units and builds blood vessels into them to maintain their viability.

The only reason for fat is over-indulgence and lack of rest and exercise. If you are puffy or fat, you are showing signs of being poisoned.

There are mountains of books on how to maintain your natural weight. We can answer that here. Use raw and highly watery fruits and vegetables. That’s it.

Your body will settle into it’s correct weight. Eat as many as you want, you will not get fat or tired.

People on big pharma meds may lose some of it’s effectiveness when using a diet high in watery fruits and vegetables. But you will probably not need them anymore!

It is very beneficial to learn the ins and outs of the body and what foods it thrives on. Any other path will lead to low energy and early death.

Kevin and Nina’s personal journey was with smoothies and 90% fruit for the first 5 years. Since we have mixed in more lightly cooked veggies and raw salads and oatmeal for breakfast for a week at times between continuous smoothies.

What will I eat now?

Things on the DO EAT list and not things on the DO NOT EAT list. IE, make two lists.

Priority one. Replace sugary drinks with filtered and vortexed water and raw fruit juice or diluted juice.

Replace candy with dates, dried mangos and dried fruit. Replace chips with better non-canola or palm oil organic chips. And use raw or less roasted or adulterated seeds and nuts. Add dips! Like guacamole, hummus and the variations. Plus get the best and closest to raw nut and seed butters. Use celery sticks as often as possible. Use carrot sticks and radishes but less of them.

Cook vegetables with raw or no hexane coconut and olive oils. When you are ready, eliminate dairy, eggs and cheese.

Fruit is the number one food a human can live and thrive on. The rhythm of fruit is alive, living and Life. The water inside is 100% pure, distilled, nutrient dense and a perfect match for your blood cells to harvest instant energy.

It speeds through the stomach into the bloodstream with little waste. The water content of fruit is the best water in the world and what the body wants and needs.

You will feel the energy and the satisfaction as your sleeping operating systems reboot and restart. Your thoughts of self loathing and what is wrong with the world will be replaced with appreciation and humility in front of Creation.

Smoothie details. When doing smoothies for breakfast: Eat melons separate with 20 minute breaks. Choose sweet, ripe and super watery fruit including bananas and dates but also oranges, pears apples mangos kiwis and more.

When you peel, de-seed and blend you should end up with a giant vat of liquid donuts that is tender on the throat, sweet on the tongue, pleasant to the eyes, and gracious to your thighs, plus for your mind body and spirit, a great surprise.

3 more parts to complete:

Add a good night’s rest without tons of blue light screens and WIFI left turned on.

Get a strenuous walk or exercise everyday.

Find ways to speak positively and listen to positive things.

Welcome to the new you.

Below is Dr. Robert Morse ND, a fine life long healer who has been on both sides of medicine. Now promotes and proves fruit as the number one food for human consumption.

Here we have a link to a review of Dr Morse, find his YouTube link on this page too: Is The World’s Most Widely-Cited, Open-Access, Evidence-Based Natural Health Resource With 20,000+ Articles!

We started with the link below, Dr Fuhrman from Philadelphia, PA. We found the offer to eat and drink as much as you want without getting fat via raw, watery fruits and vegetables, a perfect offer for where we were at at the time in 2010. We would still recommend him for beginners to see basic concepts of how the body reacts to modern food fare.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD “Nutritarian”

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