Symbols Cymatics Simulations?

Letters-Words, Digits-Values

How many times a day do we interact with words and numbers and the sounds they make or create? Pretty much all day, everyday unless we are in Nature by a babbling brook!

These symbols, the letters and numbers, make up everything we make and most ways we communicate, organize and exchange ideas. They become, as we assemble them, very influential in our lives. As much as we allow that is.

The phrase abracadabra means I Create What I Speak. It is magical but magic literally is defined as executed with invisible or unknown forces. Here, we make those forces visible.

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We have a ton of material to share here and more is revealed daily. We have found the three maxims of Ancient times are solutions when you add two more.


Know Thyself

Nothing in Excess

Surety Brings Ruin

See Life as a Child

Be Air Density Combined

More to come, this site is updating daily and convos are ongoing!

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