Helping Others

How Helping Others Pays You

I was shown and lived the ‘American Dream’ which was a nightmare for most and a tragedy for the rest. Yes, whites put their wills over blacks, men over women, haves over have-nots, and adults over youngers. This has been going on for so long – it is socially accepted.

The most obvious divide was the haves and have nots. This meme of lack and competition – to avoid imagined lack – well, it is very unappealing and steers people away from healthy relationships and personal evolution.

The opposite is to recognize the splendor of your own Being as a Spiritual Being with a Physical body in the most Awesome challenge in the Universes. And to see that opportunity as splendid for each person. This makes it easy to help others. And to want to.

The ‘War in Heaven’ happens simultaneously on Earth right next to us and in our daily lives. The Astral Realm is merged with Earth and Physical Beings – unbeknown to most of us. Yet, we are the prize and the reason, at once.

Click here for confidential and private members page to get all the details and evidences that the Earth is a Physical and Spiritual realm. Each of us carries the history of Creation and a special Obligation to it. See our evidence that helping others is a shortcut to Clarity and Progression. Our ‘situation’ is not possible without Human participation and ignorance.(Email us for password