Come everyday and have something from this menu.


Format of Earth and the Heavens
Over many centuries, many conclusions have been revealed to the Nature of the Earth.

Format of Humans – Males/Females
A resource of intel from the Ancients and Modern Observing Technology

The Heart & Brain
The Independence and Togetherness of the Calculating Brain and the Sympathetic Heart

What is Blood
Although Blood is 90% water, each Human cell within its permeable by rule membrane, has 100s to 1000s of distinct structures, each with it’s own function.

What is Air and Water
Beyond Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and the myriad of other identified constituents, what else is Air – What is Water Air being the most mysterious, Water is a close second. What is the mysterious bond that holds the two elements together, H2O. How does water have memory

What is the Importance of Learning Letters and Numbers as Symbols and Sounds
The vibrations caused when we see or hear words/music or say/read/sing words, there is a cause / effect situation that occurs. This knowledge will put you on an even playing field with anyone.


Who Runs the World (besides Us)
In depth review of what has been written and testified and witnessed.

What are Schools and Universities Designed to Accomplish
Review of historical evolution of the ‘school systems’ and the desired outcomes of the Masters of it.

Why is there so much Fear, Guilt, Shame and Lack of Knowledge.
Simple breakdown of where it comes from, where it lives in you and how to resolve any issues.

Results of Memes (Repetitious Messaging, Mnemonics)
If you repeat it over enough you will believe it, And anyone within earshot too.

Why do we Kill / Why is Evol part of Love
Put to bed the question of meat. Put to Bed why Evil and Love live together.

We are Perfectly Designed and Evolved Air & Density Beings
How did we go from Air to Density and now Combined


Indigenous (Happy) People
Enjoy life on the ground (and some other places).

Google & Ground Views of Spectacular Earth
Various ground and aerial views of the surface.

Fun, Free Things To Do
The best memories are ones that had no fee.

Tasty Healthy Vegan Specialties
Raw and cooked fruits and vegetables can be very tasty and satisfying with a little effort.

Know your Water – Clean/Vortex your Water
How to choose the right water and how to handle it.

The Daily Lemon
How to use one lemon a day to change your Life.

Always building and evolving. One builds on the one before