Live Call Voice Consultation

greel top+sounio

Intimate One on One

Questions Answered – Purpose Resolved

Oftentimes when we are presented with new or unknown information, a one on one consultation with the author of the message can be very beneficial to fully understanding the material and to hear the voice for validation.

You can email Kevin for an introduction and bookings, the fee for the conversation is $125.00 via PayPal, Stripe or Venmo for 90 minutes and the following areas are covered:

  • How to bring peace and quiet to your body and brain
  • What to listen for when the quiet appears
  • How to succeed at any relationship
  • The parts of a Human
  • Finding your purpose
  • Any other questions

You will be given a pass to a private voice room on Discord and a private text room where materials can be downloaded. We can text in the text area if comms are lost and there will be a set of materials in the room set ahead of the call and any relevant materials for your situation will be added when needed

If you prefer to make an anonymous donation, click here for any amount.

photo of road in the middle of foggy field

Earth Model

How many Earth civilizations have come and gone. Where in the timeline are we. What are the best observable and proven formats of Earth.

cell structure 100s structures within

Human Model

What is the mystery of the Human body in forever regeneration and manufacturing mode. What purpose is there for over 30 trillion cells with 1000s of functions within each.


Creator Model

So many names, so many renditions of the all powerful creator. But would a true creator of all the wonder have a name or a claim?

man push up on white floor

Self Model

What are the parts of Self. How do they matchup to Nature, Earth and the Mysteries. What steps to start today to fulfill destiny and the best life possible.

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