Mother Seventy-Eight to Eighty-Eight

  • How do i rid my body of poisons

78. Always always always the first step to get out of digging a hole is to stop digging it. If you want to raise your body of poisons identify what you’re taking or where you are that is allowing poisons to enter your body and stop doing it. After that there are many new things that are old things that you can replace as things you put in your body and places where you put your body and that will improve your body and give you a clear mind.

You may have gathered by now that this is one of our favorite subjects because we know it is the fastest and only route to a clear mind is through a clear and detoxified body so please click here to get the full skinny and the whole story.

  • How do i fill my mind with positive and heart felt thoughts

79. The fastest way to do this is to spend time around people who are positive and speak with heartfelt thoughts proving that they’re thinking heartfelt thoughts. The second way to do this is identify what you’re thinking that is keeping you from that and what you’re thinking that can squeeze you towards that. This dual list will help you easily identify your next move toward improvement. Hold the list in front of your face until you memorize it and then keep it in your pocket until you don’t have to anymore because you’re doing the things that you were meant to do.

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  • How many ‘excess’ parasites do I need to eliminate from me

80. How many ‘excess’ parasites do I need to eliminate from me we would like to show you the pictures and the names of the thousands and 10s of thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of identified parasites that are living in human bodies today. But we don’t wanna scare you.

Non lie be told, we need a few parasites because they live off death and things that are dying. We always in the human condition have had some parasites that live on us and in us and they basically clean up the extra trash and any remaining death residuals that are hanging around you or in you..

The poor human today is filled with mostly stagnant water throughout their body which is where their body has to somehow continue to live and exist while being host to millions and sometimes billions and sometimes trillions of parasites. These parasites cause dehydration as they can only thrive in stagnant water and the situation of our water today is that most of the water we ingest is not alive in the way it should be and mostly resembles stagnation.

Three out of four people are dying from dehydration. It is a fact that you can look up yourself. The reason for the dehydration is because no matter how much water we drink it is not shaped the correct way to fit into your cells. Between the parasites that we talked about and the stagnant water your cells are fighting to thrive.

That is how amazing and adaptable the amazing and magical human being is. If you want to learn how to chase all the parasites away and restore your body to full condition click here.

  • What is the proof a mostly fruit diet is beneficial

81. The proof that a mostly fruit diet is beneficial to a human being would fit in a small library. But the most important proof you need to know is that fruit falls to the ground when it’s ready to be eaten and literally begs to be eaten so that it can have immortality.

As far as the way it reacts or the body reacts when the fruit gets inside of it it almost instantly becomes usable hydration and energy for the human cells. The whole reason for eating is to re energize and rehydrate your human cells. If you are eating without knowing this then most likely you are following the mainstream food suggestions. If so you are purposefully and only through imagination inadvertently self poisoning yourself.

If you want to leave that stupid place and find out how magnificent your body mind and spirit are please click here.

  • How long does meat take to digest vs fruit

82. You may be surprised to know that the average serving of meat takes from 24 to 72 hours to leave your body. While it is staying there for such a long time it’s for ferments. This fermentation is the meat turning into alcohol in your system. There are many detriments to eating meat besides these two ways listed.

The most watery fruits take 15 to 20 minutes to turn into hydration and energy in your blood cells of your bloodstream. The in between watery fruits take about 30 to 40 minutes to do that. And the most dense fruits will turn into energy hydration and minerals for your human blood cells and about 45 minutes from when you swallow it.

95% or more of the foods we are suggested to buy and eat take anywhere from hours to days for your body to process. This extended work time and load on your body keeps it from doing many important functions for you including regenerating you and keeping you perpetual forever.

The food we eat is sending us to an early and painful death and the pills we take do not make it less painful or shorter.

Click here to learn all we did about this and what we have done about it for the last 10 years.

  • Do celebrities and tv shows, movies represent us in ways we do not recognize

83. The books, the movies, the celebrities – they all represent us and what we need to know and learn. This is a constant throughout time.

Each cycle of Human civilization has it’s pressures of Inward and Outward, as if an expression of Life itself. We see it expressed in every way. Including today in our celebrities. Click here for the happy details.

  • What is the effect of peer pressure and society ‘memes’ or mnemonics (repetition learning)

84. Everyone remembers peer pressure from school. everyone knows about peer pressure and social groups.

  • What is God – What is Devil

85. The concept of God and the devil are talked about forever and ever. The reason for that is because everything we see and are has an inward and outward aspect to it. We see it in all living things and it is only natural that that would evolve to a deity representing both sides of the equation.

Within the word equation we can see the word equal and equality so we know that the equation must be equal. One cannot live without the other it is like light or dark they cannot live without the other or acids and alkaline they cannot live without the other or anodes and cathodes they cannot exist without the other.

For a complete discussion on this please click here.

  • Why do people like or not like me – why do I like / not like certain people

86. Well this is a funny question because we always hear that opposites attract so do we like people that are the same as us or opposite of us. We do know that when we are nice to people and do favors for people that did not ask for them really nice and good things happen to us.

That translates to if you start liking people they will start liking you back. Click here to find out how to start liking people again.

  • What is religion for – where did it emanate from

87. Religion emanates from powers that be and powers that be are the managers rulers and tyrants of the world. If you think that religion will take you anywhere except status quo then that is exactly where you belong.

It has been proven through hundreds of books and millions of actions what religion is for and where it came from. Please click here for the whole gory story.

  • Did you come all this way to simply reject that you came all this way

88. It has been shown that many men will stop three feet before they get to the gold. It is never easier to give up then right before the finish line. No one wants to lose that way. You did not come all this way to simply reject that you came all this way.

If you need a little pep talk and some instructions on how to keep this thought in your mind at all times please click here.