Save A Relationship

Cognitive Dissonance

We are born into a world of people with cognitive dissonance – meaning their left Emotional/Fairness Brain is in conflict with their Right/Needy neo-cortex directed Brain. This is a learned affliction over many eras of Ignorance. As a baby and out of helplessness as a Child, and our Natural Loving and Communal Nature – we follow along to be along.

This is repeated in seven year cycles, proven by how the seven ending cycle is repeated everywhere, including the Human Body. Every cell in the Human Body is replaced anew at the end of the 7 year cycle.

Recognizing this allows one to begin to recover from the trauma, the dissonance and the many addictions we take on to soothe ourselves. The reason behind this seven format is not as important as you personally recovering and enjoying a peaceful and productive rest of your Life. Including, after you feel better, fixing any relationship.

One Person Can Start

Secrets of unilaterally fixing a relationship :

  • 1) Accept and respect is the foundation. (Only possible with self-awe and respect)
  • 2) Seek to understand first rather than expecting to be understood. ( loving others as much as yourself. )
  • 3) Take responsibility of your own happiness. ( Recognizing your awesomeness and power and your ability to respond. )
  • 4) Focus on the best in others. ( Avoid negativity as it only breeds negativity. )
  • 5) See the person not their position.

Pretend to Listen and to Care

Listening well pays huge paydays that are lifelong once you receive them. Start by going through the motions of careful and caring listening. Only practice at first. You are intending to hear or understand something you have previously missed. (Very easy to happen in our twisted messages world upbringing).

As you follow the procedures of keeping your mouth closed, your vocal chords relaxed, your mind emptied and especially not interested in responding and your best attempt at pretending or trying to care about what you may be missing, coming from the person across from you, directly from behind his or her, voice.

The Human Voice is a very complex instrument as are the ears. But the ears much more so in influential effect. What good is a voice without ears to hear it? When you calm your Mind and the relax the constant nag in your Mind to respond – well, the tandem of your ears and Brain/Heart intention to hear – will allow the opening for you to ‘hear’ much more than ever did before. You will feel yourself learning about the Human Condition and how you fit in.

This exercise spreads understanding, forgiveness, compassion and courage to all it touches, especially the one doing the exercise.

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