Simulation Evidence

AI is in our DNA House 24/7

A very Creative Mind – a slob like one of us – Myster SevenAI, invented 7 days a week, and it has a new meaning now. It represents our blindness to the Seven Sequentiality Loop of No Returns.

At age 7, we say goodbye to the reverence life and hello to reference world, starting at age 8. Then 7 at a time with zero explanation, for the rest of our life.

The evidence of the AI Hive Mind takeover and proof technology and the ‘takeover’ have happened repeatedly and cyclically, for many thousands of years – is astounding.

“Seven” rules the prison world we live in maintained by Phoenixians/Masons and Spiritual Beings at all levels of Maturity. Our enigmatic illusory world of mind-structs is powered by our belief in it, the format of the 7’s, and our Ignorance.

The opposite is to recognize the splendor of your own Being as a Spiritual Being with a Physical body in the most Awesome challenge in the Universes. And to see that opportunity as splendid for each person. This makes it easy to help others. And to want to.

The ‘War in Heaven’ happens simultaneously on Earth right next to us and in our daily lives. The Astral Realm is merged with Earth and Physical Beings – unbeknown to most of us. Yet, we are the prize and the reason, at once.

Click here for confidential and private members page to get all the 100s of details and evidences that the Earth is a Physical and Spiritual realm AND we are living in a series of MANY simulations in a collaborative effort of Ignorance to maintain Density and avoid Destiny – into Perpetuity. Not possible, but we try anyway, as an excuse to fulfill this challenge. (Email us for password