The Rebel Will Overcome

The Rebel Will

The Earth is a giant production of the most awesome tapestry ever designed and made in all the Universes. Earth is made for Human Beings – Eternal Humans. Eternal Humans as an acronym is EH. Eternal Humans Art or:

“E art H”

The greatest spiritual challenge of our times is to counter materialists with proof that the spiritual world is real and that we do have an actual existence outside of this matrix.

There are many gods/lords/bosses/masters in our Physical Earth The Earth is also an Astral Plane with Spiritual Beings residing side by side with us. Earth is a Physical and an Astral Environment. Humans also are Physical and Spiritual Beings co-existing in the same place, Earth.

Within our own personal relationships and enterprises, we create systems of hierarchy or bosses of people and ideas. All of this physicality, spirituality and outcomes, are all emanating from the One True Creator God of All Things.

The One True Creator God reserves a part of Himself within each exalted Human Being. This makes each of us spectacular and purposeful. We are Partners and Personification of the OTC God.

OTC happens to mean “Over the Counter” and simply means no special recipe or permission is needed to acquire it. One need only, arrive at the counter and, ask for it.

The Rebel rejects Adulthood as Adults Add Ulterior motives to all decisions. The Child before age 8 is an etherical and physical being. The 7 year loop deception starts for us at age 6.

TWO Worlds
This is the tale of two worlds. The two worlds we all live in. One has Rebels. One has compliant followers of brutal masters. One has loud noise and confusion. One has quiet and thoughtfulness. One has Peace and one has strife. One is the world of reality we all agree on. The other is one of Actuality, that most people are vaguely aware of.

  • The Rebel rejects the worldly format of Masters, Slaves and Brutality.
  • The Rebel looks for solutions and destiny NOT remedies and conjecture.
  • The Rebel accepts and embraces his Physical and Spiritual Part/Counterpart
  • The Rebel seeks all answers from within and other Rebel Advanced Guides
  • The Rebel is Partnered with the OTC God
  • The Rebel is an Eternal Human

This website is a concise aggregation of the true and available treasures available to an Eternal Human Being —AND the details of the Theocratic world’s deceptions.

Learn that each person is 100% capable and responsible for their Pains and Joys. Their Evolution and Progression or their Fall. There are no enemies outside of us. Only the “N” in Me. (Fully explained)

The Rebel Will, stands and acts against the established ways of worshipping without question. Obedience to strict behavior, with torture as punishment for non-compliance.

The Rebel stands for the Inner Life force that causes his cells and breath to live. He knows all secrets and treasures lie within his own Mind and Heart and no other man can judge or rule him. The true God resides as his partner within his Heart.

Who is the Real Most High Creator God, What is Christ, Who is Satan and Buddha

Christ, the image or icon of the invisible God made manifest in our visible world, embodied in a genetically-engineered, spiritually-modified, human-alien hybrid body (Luke 1:35)  to teach humans a lesson of love, tolerance (Mark 12:31), resurrection (John 11:25-26) and human transformation (John 14:12). The purpose of this Incarnation was to redeem humanity. To return the fallen to the world above or, rather, in the invisible realm. 

Hebrews 11:3,

By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

The ancients maintained that the proper form is the born again resurrected light body, which Christ demonstrated in his Resurrection and Ascension.

What Am I, How Many Parts, How Many Lifetimes

Rebels Fight Theocrats and Archonic Loops, the Beast and Revelations

Zero Doctrine to Redemption, Salvation, Eternity

Details of Theocrat Lies, Thousands of Years of Men and Spirits Owning Human Minds, 5G, Trans Humanism

Blood Restoration Perfect Health, Steps to Total Body, Heart, Brain Repair

Learning Language Power. the Ultimate Tool of Communication and Building

Fixing Any Relationship, It Only Takes One

About Us

Perfect Health

Zero Doctrine Immortality

Save A Relationship

Truth History-AI

Helping Others

“For we contend not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness.”

Ephesians 6:12.

While the Archons and the Demiurge are creations of man’s ignorance, they are used by the fallen spirits as a source of power.

This is one of the major problems with the Archons we create – they attract forms and spirits which are themselves in ignorance and hence follow them.

Hallow means holy. Hollow means empty.

A “hallow” – used as a noun – is a holy person, also known as a saint. 

How does the Lord’s prayer begin? “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” You see, to hallow something means to give it honor because it is holy. We pray for God’s name to be hallowed because God is holy.

Material objects can be made hallowed. Battlefields are hallowed grounds.

One way to neutralize the effect of transhuman technology is to make it holy. 

As of May 2020 we  have one foot and half our body in VR land or whatever it is going to be called. 

Oh, that’s right. It’s the new, puking, normal.

Just as in a Hollywood story, the whole thing seems scripted, because it was. Just who the writer and director is we do not know…yet. We have a pretty good idea.

Enter mad scientist software engineer and leader of one of the biggest VR developers, secretly working for the NWO (or aliens), who also happens to dream of gouging needles in people’s arms filled with Satan knows what kind of chemicals and nanoparticles and you have a perfect sinister character.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to vaccines or VR. Vaccines save lives, especially when people choose to have them. I can envision a couple of killer apps myself. Facebook’s Portal can keep families together, even under pressure.

What is troubling is the way in which he have been pressured into VR insanity and the way in which its promoters are dehumanizing users by suggesting they turn themselves into goofy cartoon avatars (and then claim these avatars are the same as our physical selves).

What is our response?


We only have one response. We have to become a real life, biological avatar. Or, call in Avatars who can help us attain the higher consciousness of the actual, spiritual avatars, not the fake Silicon Valley ones.

When the world is in the grip of pain, misery, suffering and chaos, an Avatar manifests who will push the world in a spiritual direction.

Yogananda said that an avatar “is born not to show us how great he was, but to give us hope that the state of consciousness he had attained, we too can attain.”

The Bhagavad Gita declared thousands of years ago:

When goodness grows weak,

When evil increases,

I make myself a body.

In every age I come back

To deliver the holy,

To destroy the sin of the sinner,

To establish righteousness.

The Avatar awakens humanity to its true potential, not the one promised by technology (that evaporates with the flick of the off switch). They are here as transformers. 

Truth and love absolute are the essence of the divine teachings of the true Avatars.

Silicon Valley cannot be naive enough not to know this. It seems more likely they are using the term ‘avatar’ in a mocking sense, just like everything else they do with Transhumanism.

“Avatar” is a Sanskrit word that means “descent”. It is the material appearance of a divine being or a deity from heaven on earth. Think Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ, Buddha, and Mohammed. Often, the Avatars descend in order to fight a demon on Earth.

This is exactly what is happening with VR. Humans are descending into a black box world under the control of psychopaths and totalitarian dictators who think of this as an improvement or an ascension. They are the modern day Beast of Revelation.

A ‘real’ avatar is a spiritual being who is freed from illusion or delusion, has ascended to heaven, and is here to help others wake up.

By the way. The gods of Silicon Valley think all of this heaven crap is fake anyway. As I have previously discussed, they intend to prove that we live in a simulated reality (and that you don’t have an existence outside of this reality). The greatest spiritual challenge of our times is to counter materialists with proof that the spiritual world is real and that we do have an actual existence outside of this matrix.

This is why Silicon Valley’s use of the term ‘avatar’ is a ruse. The lure of fake power in a fake world is devilish.

Is a mass human sacrifice coming vis-a-vis translation into digital beings? Not if we can wake everyone up first.

While all the world is under house arrest and looking for a way to stay healthy and alive, Facebook took it upon itself to dictatorially censor any health informaton they wished. Not because it was wrong, but because they did not agree with it.  

You mean Facebook acted like a dictator and profited from human suffering?

The company took further advantage of the Coronavirus crisis to launch their Avatar app. 

Facebook – Golem Maker

In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, an artificial / fake man, that is created entirely from inanimate matter. The word means “my light form”. Light form? Wait. Isn’t that what Facebook is trying to get you to create with its stupid app.

Sam & Sung in Sanskrit

  • Sam means “good ending” in Ancient Sanskrit translation.
  • Sung means ‘Past’ or ‘Previous’ “divulging of confidential information or secrets”
  • unveiled Neon, a project developed by subsidiary STAR Labs that
  • ambitiously aims to deliver “immersive … services” that
  • “[make] science fiction a reality.”

Great, the group called Sam Sung is saying they are making a good ending to our divulging to each other confidential info or valuable secrets. Gee, thanks Sam Sung – you should be hung. Enter Solo Warriors.

Seoul based (Soul, Sole?) company Sam Strung has a satellite group called STAR Labs. Sam Strung is the “the artificial human company,” they are actively pushing hard for Virtual Reality,, a world filled with AI assistants and AI interplay..

An end to “divulging of confidential information or secrets” to Soul Carrying Humans wishing to advance. Apparently we waited so long to meet our challenge – the challenge has come to meet us. Time to finish our homework before the bus arrives to school.

These avatars look like real humans. “Neon is like a new kind of life,” says STAR Labs CEO Pranav Mistry in the release. “There are millions of species on our planet and we hope to add one more.” (Because nothing says “I have a god complex” like a tech executive comparing his work to the creation of life.)

PranaV means Prana into the Hole “V”. Mistry means Miss the Tree (of Life). No mistake, a child can see through the veil. Be as a child-solo warrior.


Avatar is a spiritual term for a divine being who incarnates on Earth or a human who ascends to the heavenly realm. Zookie and Mis-tree have co-opted the term and instructed you that they own and are in charge of your Soul and your interview with the One True Creator. Viscious, but for a solid reason:

... we waited so long to meet our challenge - the challenge has come to meet us. 

We live on Earth, the physical Earth. We share this space with the invisible to us, Astral Plane. It is chock full of dis-embodied spirits from here and abroad and other forms/types of etherical beings – who assist in downward and upward or inward and outward forces of our existence.

We live in a major league, chock full of live environment of physicals and non-physicals. We Humans are the Priority and the Prize here. Over eras, we have noticed how awesome we are and the counter to that, the notion we are meat bodies of randome life jsut slightly over Animals. A horrible notion, but apparently, worth exploring for the overall benefit of All of Us.

This place is a proving grounds for Solo Warriors. We share our development with spiritual beings here on Earth. It is part of the answer and the mystery of our experience.

Each physical Human Body is an exact replica of the Earth, walking within Earth. Earth is a place of Physicality/Material and Spiritual or Non-Material. Each world exists side by side within Earth. We, for the most part, have developed our thinking to dis-associate from this Truth. This action allows the Spiritual Beings we share Earth with to grow in different ways which include interacting and influencing all of us Physical Beings.

This action also enables us Human Beings to have the above experience and learn and grow from it. Human Beings hold a very valuable and awesomely special position within Earth.

Human Beings are Physical Beings, exact replicas of Earth each made uniquely. And we are complete Spiritual Beings living side by side with our Spiritual Counterpart. They are not far away, they are next to you.

In this environment called Earth, we also have many Spiritual Beings residing here, growing, evolving and trying to wield influence. Same as in the Physical World. As you are reading, the Human Being is a MEGA Being, with many Physical Attributes and Spiritual Elements.

All the while, we are ‘mixing it up’ with various histories, timelines, forced dream states and Spiritual Beings with varying degrees of influence and reasons of motivation – Agendas. (translation of agenda – A Djinn Duh!)

What is so special about being a Spiritual Being and Physical Being simultaneously? You have an awesome array of Creation to touch and experience. Your Soul is being tested in a very dramatic and exciting way. We are direct descendants of the One True Creator and we would not be taking such a challenge unless we were capable and attached to a One True Creator. He is Awesome and so are We.

Our bodies, our environment, our relationships and our language are all a Lane Gage to measure by and KNOW which fork in the road to take next. We are super Awesome, Mega Beings direct from the One True Creator. We carry all the codes and are being challenged to the full extent. We have every tool and OS to work with on top of a world full of spiritual beings on similar paths. What a Country!

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