Truth of Bible, Jesus & Buddha

Rebels for a Cause

Ieosus, Buddha and even Satan were all Rebels for the Soul. Their stories are mis-told and twisted in multitudes of ways to redirect you to a false good/bad god whose behavior/ritual techniques are not achievable to partner back with your Soul.

This situation leads to living in Two Worlds, a false and blinded Density world where we have limited perception and an Actuality, Immortality world or Our Immortal Child Soul.

The three above, all knew the secret to ‘claiming’ or gaining full recognition to your Soul. Their stories are filled with truth, lies and false doctrines. It is to fool us and indoctrinate us to believe we are insignificant, evolutionary sinners who deserve to be managed. Not true. Me and the Rebels say so. We have been to Heaven and know the secrets.

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