Two Worlds in One World

One is Re-Elity One of Actuality

The world we know is in many ways describable as ‘suspended animation’. We are watching an illusion show collaborated on with Us, the Soul Carriers and various ‘Illusion Groups’ made up of Physical Humans and disembodied Spiritual Beings. This situation, has developed over many eras.

Our ‘real’ world is chock full of ‘simulations’, all powered by our independent Minds and Souls. We are the prize and the reason.

The Actuality world is seen by our Invisible Partner, our Immortal Soul. Our Soul wants everything for us but, together as a team, our Soul and ourselves, have contracted to go through this challenge. Our Soul, is our counterpart. It is subtle in many many ways. By rule and contract, it must be silent and ride next to you, your entire life. You may recognize your Counterpart, at will.

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